Sip and Share With CEO Nicole Kearney

Sip and Share With CEO Nicole Kearney

Whether you’re a long-time wine lover or new wine, Sip and Share Wines has something for everyone. And what makes them unique? Sip & Share Wines, headquartered in Indianapolis, is a Black-woman-owned boutique winery that produces handcrafted vegan wines. Nicole, founder, creator, and winemaker of Sip & Share wanted to create a wine community and brand that catered to the overlooked and underrepresented by the wine industry. 
As a vintner, Nicole is only .01% of Black women winemakers in the industry. She is changing the narrative behind wine, including the release of her newest wine Culture Cans breaking the stigma around canned wines. She is a hands-on creator, working behind the scenes daily to create delicious wines that almost any wine lover will enjoy.

We had the pleasure of talking with Nicole to dig deep into her passion for wine and what her plans are for the future of Sip & Shares Wines.

When did you discover your love for wine?

 I was exposed to wine at a young age when I lived in Germany (my dad is a retired veteran). My true appreciation for wine started in my late 30’s.

Can you give us four words to describe the perfect wine? 

Whatever wine you like. Each person has a different palate, so the perfect wine is the one that best suits their taste.

What experience do you hope women take away from Sip and Share Wines?  

We want women to feel affirmed, inspired, and be their best selves.

What are three lessons you’ve learned thus far in the wine industry? 

  • The industry is controlled by older, white men who promote others like them to the exclusion of diversity and inclusion. 
  • The Black and Brown diversity of the wine industry is the now and future.
  • The wine industry laws are archaic and desperately need to be updated to reflect the current times.  There are changes being made but there is still a ways to go.

What is next for you and your company? 

We’re expanding our retail presence across the country. Our wines are available in stores in Brooklyn, NY and Inglewoood, CA. We’re working on our mobile wine lounge that should debut this fall.

What is your go-to wine from your collection for fall and winter?

 Ruby Red Dessert Wine (Port-like) that’s released on Halloween and starts pre-ordering October 1st. It’s a limited-edition wine.

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles?

 She sets intentions and puts in the work to manifest her dreams. A woman who goes after what she desires. One who doesn’t dim her light or play small to make others feel comfortable. 

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