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Shanique Davis is a Christian Jamaican woman who is zealous about the Lord. She believes that obedience to God plays an integral part of our life, and living the life of fruitfulness and fulfilment is only possible after you’ve done the will of God, i.e. addressing the inconsistencies of the inner man. Shanique’s first book, BREAKING YOUR BARRIERS: Change Unhealthy Life Cycles & Unravel the True You is her lead manual in successfully breaking barriers wherever she goes. Her ministry is TalkTruth Series, a platform for equipping her fellow authors in building their brand while bringing awareness to their message. She is married, and her main aim is to become the woman God created her to be. 

At what moment did you realize you held a gift for writing? 

Unlike most people, I never realized I held a gift for writing until I wrote and published my first book, Breaking Your Barriers. Growing up, I was very timid, and speaking openly was frowned upon by my mom (who raised me). When I met my now-husband, he realized that how my mom raised me was unhealthy, and it affected my communication skills. He introduced me to writing as a way of expressing myself. That’s when I also discovered my personality surfaced more during writing.

How has your gift deepened your faith? 

The last school I attended was Excelsior Community College, School of Hospitality & Tourism. I remember having this goal to travel the world and just be me and connect with people. The next thing I know, God has me writing books, and that’s the complete opposite of what I intended. So it puts me in a place where I have to seek God fully, even with my plans. He may not have intended for me to travel physically (maybe not now), but my writing creates an impact I never imagined- it’s beyond surreal. If I had gone with my initial goals for traveling, maybe I would not have had the opportunity to meet Jakia Myles or any of the women from Pretty Women Hustle. I am more confident and assertive because God turned my obedience into a blessing.

Share with us the inspiration behind your book “Breaking Your Barriers?”

In the hype of the New Year, we’d all make never-ending lists about resolutions for self-improvement, entrepreneurship, marriage, etc. But midway into the new year, we’d stop. Either we become fearful, doubtful, we start comparing ourselves with others, so feelings of unworthiness set in, and we give it all up. Whatever the reason, the start and stop tradition occurs every year until it becomes a cycle. Before any of it even becomes a cycle, it first became a BARRIER- that’s anything that we allow to keep us from moving forward. I’ve struggled many years with creating resolutions that I gave up for several reasons, and when I realized that my life was going nowhere, I thought about the other people who faced the same tragedies. I decided to be more intentional about my life and about bringing awareness so that other women could overcome the way I did.

What message do you hope women take away from your work?

I want women to understand that a mind or life set in bondage will never set them free! (I promise I’m not yelling). Everything they’re going through or have been through is just an ingredient for who they’re supposed to be. Whatever is keeping you bound: hurt, your past, your failures, your inconsistencies- you have the power to break it. It’s time you start Breaking Your barriers.

What is next for you? 

After writing and publishing three books, Breaking Your Barriers, God’s Promise, Man’s Obedience & Don’t Let It Ruin the Life of the Party, my purpose is more evident now. I’ve dedicated my life to writing and teaching other women what life is truly about. Most recently, I’ve been asked to partner with a fitness coach to empower women who not only want beautiful bodies but lives that are worth living. I’m looking forward to meeting more women who desire to step out and do the will of God, walk boldly into their purpose and shine bright like the diamonds they are in Christ.

What advice do you have for women balancing faith and purpose?

This question is probably the most important of them all. Here goes: Faith and Purpose solely depend on the One who called you. The bible tells us that faith equates to things we hope for and evidence of things we can’t see (yet). You know that there’s this tug on your heart to go, to be, to do, and everything in your life may start disappointing you if you fail to see God’s hand leading you- but what’s happening is, things are slowly lining up the way they should. Oftentimes, it’s not the way you planned it, but God is sovereign, and His ways are much higher than yours. Your trust in God (the Creator) puts you in a position to find who you are (in Him) and what you’re born to do. How do you balance that? Be obedient. 

There’s a story of a young boy named Gideon, who never believed his life had worth. He came from a poor family and believed God would never call him to deliver Israel (his fellow countrymen) from the Midianites (their enemies). Of course, like the human he is, Gideon complained and made several excuses why he couldn’t do what God called him to do. Too many of us find ourselves in these types of positions. You may grumble and complain when purpose comes knocking, but the key is to allow your faith to outweigh your agenda. The Angel of God had to treasure Gideon that he was worth far more than how he felt. Gideon’s purpose was to save Israel from the prolonged oppression from their enemies, and Gideon fulfilled his purpose when he trusted God fully. 

Trust God fully. Let your faith in God lead the way to who you are supposed to be. Seek, first, the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all other things will fall into place.

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles?

My definition of a pretty woman comes from my book, Breaking Your Barriers. “She is tremendously excellent, full of beauty and impressive; she is one of a kind because she is a masterpiece.” The hustle comes when she works hard for what she wants. She runs the race set before her because she refuses to compare herself with anyone else- she knows how to stay in her lane. Her hustle comes when she can personalize and create using her authenticity and inspiration. So the Pretty Woman who Hustles doesn’t just change the game. She builds a team and leads them to win championships.

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