Meet Author Kimberly “DuWaup” Bolden

For the next 100 days, We are featuring Female Authors from across the nation for the sole purpose of highlighting books created by women for women.

Meet Kimberly “DuWaup” Bolden. Singer, songwriter, spoken word artist, and coach DuWaup is a quadruple threat who has been bringing her own brand of flavor to the art scene for nearly 20 years! She is a pioneer who has conquered the mic, the stage, and everything in between and she is showing no signs of slowing down. With five independent albums, an artist development company, and a highly sought after poetry slam, (DuWaup’s Cincinnati Poetry Slam), DuWaup has also recently become a published author with the upcoming release of her debut poetry book titled, “SINCERELY, DuWaup” to be launched in December 2021 accompanied by her first digitally distributed audio recording project, titled “SINCERELY, DuWaup the Soundtrack” to be released on all streaming platforms. Pre-ordered autographed copies of her debut book are available at or in e-book format at

At what moment did you realize you held a passion for writing?

I knew I had a passion for writing when it became my peace. I’ve expressed myself in writing in ways I’ve never been able to speak. I’ve shared some of my writing, but there are still many I have yet to share.

If you could use any four words to describe your work, what would it be?

Sincere (of course), revealing, thankful, and relatable.

What was the inspiration behind your book “SINCERELY, DuWaup”?

The inspiration behind “SINCERELY, DuWaup” was a desire to use my words as an avenue to connect with the world. As much as my poems are an expression of me, I’m positive that people can relate. There’s nothing we experience that someone else has not experienced. There’s nothing new under the sun. I recognize that being a poet, a writer, and a performer are gifts that give to others. I appreciate that. I love that. 

 What message do you hope women walk away with after reading your work?

When women read this book, I hope they walk away feeling reassured. I hope that people read these poems, relate to them, and understand that they are not alone.  

What advice do you have for an upcoming author?

Some of the best advice I’ve received thus far is “Don’t overthink it.” So, I’ll pass that on. Overthinking things leads to questioning yourself which can then lead to self-doubt. I know. Be authentic and just write.

What is next for Kimberly “Duwaup” Bolden”?

Well, there’s actually a soundtrack to SINCERELY, DuWaup that I recorded simultaneously while writing the book. So, this is actually a dual project. The book is published by Shuga Shuga Publishing LLC (Dallas, TX) and the soundtrack will be released on ThundaGrownd Produckshunz LLC (St. Louis, MO). Both projects will be officially released on December 3, 2021, which also happens to be my birthday. 

Bonus: What is your definition of a Pretty Woman who Hustles? 

A Pretty Woman who hustles is a woman who is persistent and dedicated to reaching her goals. She knows there are ups and downs and ebbs and flows to every situation, but she doesn’t let the down times get to her. She hustles with dedication and determination knowing that hard work always pays off. 

Support Kimberly by pre ordering your copy of her book Here.

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