Meet Author Jennifer Diaby

For the next 100 days, We are featuring Female Authors from across the nation for the sole purpose of highlighting books created by women for women.

Author Jennifer Diaby is the Founder and CEO of a nonprofit organization called Growth Women’s Prayer Ministry. An Alumni of Columbia College, Ms. Diaby earned her Bachelor’s degree in Public Affairs in 2005. She attended New Covenant International Bible College and earned her certification in Christian Marriage Counseling in 2015. Ms. Diaby completed her Master’s degree in Not-For-Profit/Organizational Leadership from the School of Business & Leadership at Regent University in May 2019. Author Jennifer Diaby strives to encourage, inspire, uplift women and all her followers on social media who need to heal from emotional hurt and pain.

Ms. Diaby was one of the co-authors in an anthology book, “Pain 2 Passion: Our Valley Experience” which made her a Best-Selling Author. Over the last few years, she has contributed to four anthology books, self-published three books, and two devotional scripture journals. Ms. Diaby released her first book, “Growth: My Journey Of Spiritual Growth To Emotional Healing And Forgiveness in November 2016, which included effective prayers, positive affirmations, and scriptures inside of it. She released her first children’s book in February 2017 called “God Did The Miracle: A Special Blessing From God.”In December 2018, God’s Readings On Women To Heal- G.R.O.W.T.H was released to bring healing, growth, restoration to women emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. It is a 30-Day Devotional Scripture Journal to help us pray over every area of our lives. In May 2019, Author Jennifer Diaby released her second children’s book, “The Beautiful Little Princess Who Prays For Everyone.” An inspirational Christian children’s book that will encourage and inspire the reader to pray to God in every circumstance. Included in this children’s book are prayers and scriptures. Author Jennifer Diaby’s second devotional journal called “Believer’s Growing in Christ 30 Days of Prayer and Scripture” will be released in February 2020. It was created to help the readers grow in a closer relationship with God when applying faith to receive answers to their prayers. It will assist in strengthening the Believer’s faith to continue to grow daily while overcoming everyday situations that cause emotional hurt and pain. This devotional journal teaches you that consistent prayers and scriptures will bring forth answers to your prayers, blessings, breakthroughs, and miracles in your life.

Bestselling Author Jennifer Diaby is also the Founder/CEO of Growth Women’s Business Networks Magazine where she advertises for women in various industries of business.

Here are a few highlights of what she has been nominated and recognized:

Author Jennifer Diaby has been recognized for her Best-Selling books along with her work in human services and ministry.
-Author Jennifer Diaby’s first Christian children’s book, “God Did The Miracle: A Special From God” was nominated for an Author Elite Awards in 2019.
-Author Jennifer Diaby’s first Christian children’s book, “The Beautiful Little Princess Who Prays For Everyone” was nominated for an Author Elite Awards in 2020.
-Recognized with an SC Senate Resolution for human services and inspirational ministry work to encourage others.
-2019-2020 ACHI Award nominee in four different categories Author of the Year, Woman of Inspiration, Woman on the Rise, and Nonprofit Executive.
-2021 Reader’s Choice Awards for her children’s book, The Beautiful Little Princess Who Prays For Everyone.”
-Winner of a “2021 I AM H.E.R INTERNATIONAL AWARD” for Magazine of the Year

At what moment did you discover your passion for writing?

I discovered my passion for writing when I was around 8 years old I noticed that I love to read books and write. I started writing for the school newspaper in elementary school where I had a passion to write stories about other students who were doing phenomenal things to make a difference in the school and within their communities.

You were already an entrepreneur, how did becoming an author impact your brand?

I think becoming an author impacted my brand to grow and reach more people. My books are written to encourage, inspire, and uplift my followers on a daily basis, so through my brand, more people are able to be impacted in a positive way.

You have been a part of several anthologies, what is the key to sharing your story effectively when there are so many other stories involved?

The key to sharing my story effectively is that I write words from my heart that will encourage and help others to move forward in their purpose.

You have published several devotionals along with other books, what message speaks true throughout your work?

The message that speaks true throughout my work is to always put your trust in God and trust Him. It is important to build a closer relationship with God and keep a strong prayer life to get you through the challenging and difficult times in life. Throughout all of my books, I emphasized the importance of having a relationship with God, a strong prayer life, and reading the Bible daily.

 Where do you see yourself in the next 3-5 years?

In the next 3-5 years, I would like to see myself continuing to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in my ministry. I would love to do work as a Christian Life Coach to assist women to heal emotionally from their past and to move forward into their purpose. In the future, I want to create and start up my own publishing company to help authors publish their books.

Bonus: What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles? Women who do not give up, but through perseverance move forward in life.

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Meet Author Amina A. Aziz

For the next 100 days, We are featuring Female Authors from across the nation for the sole purpose of highlighting books created by women for women.

Amina A. Aziz has dedicated her life to motivating and empowering humanity. She is a philanthropist and a dedicated and loving mother and grandmother who loves all of creation. She enjoys traveling, reading, writing and art of all genres. She brings an upbeat, heartwarming, colorful and friendly take on combining nature and human spirit of compassion together to bring readers a compassionate heartwarming literary experience.

At what moment did you realize you held a gift for writing?

I realized I had a gift for writing at a young age in elementary school around the age of ten I started writing poetry.

Can you recall the first book you encountered and how did it affect you?

The complete collection of Maya Angelou poems was some of the first set of poems I ever read in middle school it made me feel included she sounded like a grandmother and she looked like me (color-wise) it made me feel like I could be and do anything.

What is your creative process like?

My creative process is a time of solace and being alone just me a pen my notebook and a computer. Listening to a peaceful sound I may walk outside looking at creation it sparks my imagination.

What do you hope others take away from your work?

I hope others see that everyone is unique and different and no matter how you enter into this world you can achieve great things through love and faith in The Most High also that dreams are meant to come true.

What is next for Amina?

Next for Amina is turning my children’s book into a cartoon and getting it on television for children of all ages to see and enjoy!

If you could encourage a room full of young writers, what would you say?

I would tell young writers to stay in touch with their imagination! Nothing is impossible, write down your ideas don’t procrastinate never listen to naysayers. I would also tell them just because one has eyes does not mean they were meant to see your vision!

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Meet Author Kimberly “DuWaup” Bolden

For the next 100 days, We are featuring Female Authors from across the nation for the sole purpose of highlighting books created by women for women.

Meet Kimberly “DuWaup” Bolden. Singer, songwriter, spoken word artist, and coach DuWaup is a quadruple threat who has been bringing her own brand of flavor to the art scene for nearly 20 years! She is a pioneer who has conquered the mic, the stage, and everything in between and she is showing no signs of slowing down. With five independent albums, an artist development company, and a highly sought after poetry slam, (DuWaup’s Cincinnati Poetry Slam), DuWaup has also recently become a published author with the upcoming release of her debut poetry book titled, “SINCERELY, DuWaup” to be launched in December 2021 accompanied by her first digitally distributed audio recording project, titled “SINCERELY, DuWaup the Soundtrack” to be released on all streaming platforms. Pre-ordered autographed copies of her debut book are available at or in e-book format at

At what moment did you realize you held a passion for writing?

I knew I had a passion for writing when it became my peace. I’ve expressed myself in writing in ways I’ve never been able to speak. I’ve shared some of my writing, but there are still many I have yet to share.

If you could use any four words to describe your work, what would it be?

Sincere (of course), revealing, thankful, and relatable.

What was the inspiration behind your book “SINCERELY, DuWaup”?

The inspiration behind “SINCERELY, DuWaup” was a desire to use my words as an avenue to connect with the world. As much as my poems are an expression of me, I’m positive that people can relate. There’s nothing we experience that someone else has not experienced. There’s nothing new under the sun. I recognize that being a poet, a writer, and a performer are gifts that give to others. I appreciate that. I love that. 

 What message do you hope women walk away with after reading your work?

When women read this book, I hope they walk away feeling reassured. I hope that people read these poems, relate to them, and understand that they are not alone.  

What advice do you have for an upcoming author?

Some of the best advice I’ve received thus far is “Don’t overthink it.” So, I’ll pass that on. Overthinking things leads to questioning yourself which can then lead to self-doubt. I know. Be authentic and just write.

What is next for Kimberly “Duwaup” Bolden”?

Well, there’s actually a soundtrack to SINCERELY, DuWaup that I recorded simultaneously while writing the book. So, this is actually a dual project. The book is published by Shuga Shuga Publishing LLC (Dallas, TX) and the soundtrack will be released on ThundaGrownd Produckshunz LLC (St. Louis, MO). Both projects will be officially released on December 3, 2021, which also happens to be my birthday. 

Bonus: What is your definition of a Pretty Woman who Hustles? 

A Pretty Woman who hustles is a woman who is persistent and dedicated to reaching her goals. She knows there are ups and downs and ebbs and flows to every situation, but she doesn’t let the down times get to her. She hustles with dedication and determination knowing that hard work always pays off. 

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Meet Author Jacqueline P. Walker

For the next 100 days, We are featuring Female Authors from across the nation for the sole purpose of highlighting books created by women for women.

Today we introduce you to Jacqueline Walker. Jacqueline P. Walker was born in Jamaica and raised in Washington, D.C.  She earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree (Liberal Arts with three concentrations: Psychology/English/Communication Arts) at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York.     With over 30 years of leadership experience, she has held corporate management positions in Project Management, Customer, and Business Communications and currently serves as a Documentation Manager. Jacqueline is a Certified Professional Technical Communicator (CPTC)and has attained professional certificates in Workplace Communications, Data Analytics, Business Strategy, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace. 

Having held a lifetime love for reading and writing, she recognizes the power of storytelling to educate, encourage, and entertain, which inspired her to become a  motivational blogger and self-published author. Jacqueline uses her experience, knowledge, and training to craft written content that encourages readers through hope, support & caring, relationship, self-development, and career pursuits. Additionally, she leads program planning for a faith-based organization. In this role, she develops and delivers presentations and coaches presenters or project managers to execute activities or events that encourage and inspire participants to strive to succeed.

Jacqueline recently self-published a biographical fiction, A Season of Disruption, available in paperback and eBook formats on This work celebrates her Caribbean heritage and tells a story of courage, love, ingenuity, and the willpower to overcome challenges that often break and defeat families.  Additionally, her essay, “Disrupted Not Defeated,” will appear in Volume 36 (April 2022) of The Caribbean Writer (an international, refereed literary journal published annually by the University of the Virgin Islands).

If you could describe your writing using any four words, what would they be?





At what moment did you realize you held a gift for storytelling?

I have always had an excellent memory, vividly recalling experiences and events from childhood. I have a close-knit family, and I play an active role in the lives of my nieces and nephews. When they were younger, they spent a lot of time with me and asked many questions. I found myself detailing stories about growing up with my siblings and sharing situations my family encountered. They never seemed to get enough and wanted to hear more and more of my stories. Their response convinced me that my gift was not merely my memory but my ability to relay what I remembered through storytelling—keeping them amused and interested.

Can you share the inspiration behind your biography “A Season of Disruption”?

I believe this story is a helpful reminder of the powerful and winning legacy that we can achieve if we believe in our abilities regardless of our place in life, persevere, and remain bonded in love.  

What message do you hope women take away from your work?

I hope that my work instills confidence in every woman who reads it, reminding her to take control of her life, recognize and use her innate talents, and courageously reach for her dreams and desires.

What is next for you?

I am currently working on an urban fiction novel that shares the story of a young professional trying to navigate a dynamic corporate life, complex family bond, and an impromptu personal relationship. I am also developing a collection of inspiring short stories showcasing people from different generations and backgrounds, their struggles, and their determination to win.

How can readers check out your work?

My book, A Season of Disruption, is available on in paperback and eBook versions. A paperback version is also available from Ingram Sparks.  Readers can find my blogs on my website, and I have also contributed articles to the motivational blog site. Additionally, in April 2022, my essay, Disrupted Not Defeated, will appear in Volume 36 of The Caribbean Writer (a refereed, international literary journal published by the University of the Virgin Islands).

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What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles? 

A Pretty Woman Who Hustles is a woman who is committed to a lifetime of learning, actively listens, observes, supports her friends and family, works to improve her community, strives to achieve personal success, and empowers others to do the same.

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