Live, Laugh and Bring Joy with Nicole Michelle

Meet Nicole Michelle, the creative brains behind some of your favorite viral TikTok videos.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Cole Chelle to discuss the inspiration and creative process behind her 1.2million channel on Tiktok.

Q: Who is Chelle outside of the jokes and laughter?
A: So my name is Nicole Michelle which I just dumb down to Cole Chelle, and what you see on social media is what you get. I’m this way on and off camera always have been. I’m human so I have bad days, tests, trying times, and deal with life just like everyone else but I’m the same all the time. Always playing, always making jokes, always being silly that’s been me all my life before social media even existed

Q: If you could describe your personality in four words, what would they be?
A: Fun, Giving, Spontaneous, Friendly

Q:When did you realize you had a gift for making people laugh?
A: I really don’t know when I had a gift to make people laugh because I’ve literally been making people laugh forever since I was a little girl. I was family entertainment for family nights. Always played jokes and pranks on my parents and brothers. Always prank phone call my family members. I was most funniest in high school in the yearbook. I have just been like this forever

Q: How did you come across Tik Tok, did you plan on becoming an influencer?
A: I came across TikTok because of COVID and we were on lockdown in 2020 and my boys introduced me to it. Nothing I planned.

Q: How has the whole experience changed you?
A: The experience changed me a lot. I don’t work for anyone I work for myself. I get paid through TikTok and from the promo and advertising other small businesses

Q: What message do you hope women take away from your platform?
A: I really don’t try to deliver a message, I just want somewhere and or a platform where women can just come laugh and relate and allow me to say things for them that they want to say but can’t or don’t. Kind of like I got your back women just chill let me do all the pettiness for you.

Q: What is next for you?
A: What’s next for me is just becoming bigger, greater, and better. Hopefully one day I’ll be on T.V. That’s my dream and my goal.

Q: what is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles?
A: A woman who is pretty inside and outside, confident, strong, business savvy, a go-getter who writes out her goals and dreams, makes a plan and watches them manifest.

Creating content for the world to view and share can be tough, we encourage you to support and follow Chelle on Tiktok.

View some of her most watched videos below:


I Never Knew Being A Boy Mom Would Change My Vocabulary🥴🤣#fyyp #viral #boymom #laughs #jokes #comedy #TheHarderTheyFall

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