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After surviving the tragic loss of her two children, husband and mother within a four-year span, Body Sculpting Expert Nikki Payne has embarked on a mission to change lives by spreading the message of “creating wellness from the inside out’. Nikki encourages women of all facets to develop a holistic balance in their lives and through her latest business venture ‘Vain Bodies by Nikki’, she’s created a platform that inspires both physical and financial wellness. 
Licensed as an Esthetician since 2013, she has owned a cosmetic spa in the heart of Buckhead Atlanta which offered a variety of non-surgical services to help women achieve physical health. Years of servicing clients allowed her to discover “gaps” in the body sculpting industry, one of which being that there were not many wholesale products or equipment vendors within the USA.  Her company, Vain Bodies, now allows small business owners the opportunity to purchase equipment, accessories and wholesale products at affordable prices with fast shipping, low minimums and high profit margins.  Her efforts provide the launching pad that beauty and wellness professionals need to survive the pandemic and thrive for years to come.

Nikki, let me first acknowledge that you are amazing! Having been through tragic losses and difficult life trials, how did those experiences contribute to your drive and success in business?

Thank you so much. The thing about being at rock bottom is that the only way to go is up. Losing my family and almost losing my own life pushed me to enjoy and savor every moment of each day. In business, it has driven me to be unafraid of taking risks, unafraid to put myself out there, and unafraid to use NO as an entire sentence.  

You have been an esthetician for over 7 years. What simple budget-friendly beauty secrets can you give our readers who are on a budget?

My simple beauty secret is to always use an upward motion when applying products to your face. When I performed radiofrequency (skin tightening) on the face, some sagging and/or loose skin was caused by age or weight loss, but some were caused by the client pulling/tugging their skin or applying products in a downward motion.  

You are the owner of Vain Bodies. Tell us what Vain Bodies is and how the concept came about?

Vain Bodies started as a company that provided non-invasive body contouring services but has now transformed into a distribution center that provides non-invasive equipment to other Body Sculptors.  

Body sculpting isn’t new, however, it is the newest “trend” today. What made you get into this business?

Entering into Body Sculpting was the product of broke and broken. I only attended esthetics school so that I could use the overage portion of my student loan to keep my house out of foreclosure. The miracle is that that financial situation placed me on the course God had for me. 

One specific question I have about body sculpting is how does skin tightening get rid of a fupa? Or is another method used for that area?

Radiofrequency (skin tightening) forces the body to build collagen which results in tighter firmer skin. If the fupa is caused by sagging loose skin then radiofrequency will rid it by tightening and lifting the skin. However, if the fupa is a result of fat then a fat reduction treatment such as laser lipo, lipo cavitation, etc would be needed.  

What is the most popular service at Vain Bodies? Why do you think that is?

Vain Bodies’ most popular service was laser lipo and lipo cavitation because I specifically targeted clients that need those services.  

Have you found that body sculpting helps a person’s self-esteem? If so, how? If not, what are some other services that are offered under your umbrella to help increase self-esteem?

Body Sculpting absolutely helps a person’s self-esteem. I have had women that were told they were ugly, fat, or unwanted because of the way their children made their bodies change. However, they leave my office with not only increased self-esteem but with pride in themselves.   

As a fempreneur, what is one bit of advice you can give to other fempreneurs?

At one time I was in every department in Vain Bodies which caused me to overexert myself and I ended up in the emergency room. That incident taught me that if I wanted to enjoy the fruits of my business I could not always be “in” my business. One piece of advice I would give a fempreneur is to outsource tasks when they are financially able to. Outsourcing has not only saved me time but it has also increased my income because now little or no opportunities fall through the cracks.  

Finally, what is a must-have quality of a Pretty Woman WHo Hustles?

A must-have quality for a Pretty Woman WHo Hustles would be perseverance because it doesn’t matter how many times you fall, what matters is how many times you get back up.  

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