Jennifer Black: Serving with G.R.A.C.E and Dignity

Studies show that a large part of the U.S. greave each year at some point. Women like Jennifer Black make grieving a little more manageable with her services.

Jennifer is the owner and CEO of 1st 24 Bereavement Concierge Services and G. R. A. C. E.: Grief Recovery Coach For Everyone. In addition, to being an entrepreneur, Jennifer holds a Bachelor’s in Science degree, is an ICF certified grief coach, an author, public speaker, wife & mother, and is a nationally certified life insurance agent. Her specialty is helping people prepare and move through the end-of-life process with grace, security, dignity, and care.

Jennifer has made it her life’s work to inspire people to gain strength, support, and hope so they can win at life and move forward with the utmost care and strength. Through her role as a Bereavement Concierge & Grief Coach, Jennifer has seen that so many people don’t have the tools or support to adequately handle various types of grief healthy. One memorable moment in Jennifer’s career was stopping a young woman from committing suicide after the loss of her son and helping her find hope to live and move forward. From losing a loved one, to losing a job Jennifer believes that all grief is valid and people deserve to be cared for and aided in processing some of life’s most uncomfortable moments.

Growing up Jennifer saw her parents care for various elderly relatives until the end of life process with compassion and grace. This greatly inspired Jennifer to move into the service-based industry such as bereavement and grief. After experiencing being taken advantage of during the planning stages of various family member’s funerals, Jennifer realized that treating and serving others with dignity, security, and advocacy is just as essential as serving with grace and dignity.

Who is Jennifer black outside of entrepreneurship and work?

A wife, mom, sister, friend, lover of dance and music as well as a low-key comedian.

You hold multiple hats, how do you balance the day-to-day of your brand and family life?

Prayer and reading God’s word. I start my day talking to God, meditating on specific scriptures, and listening for his instructions for my day-to-day actions for my business. I’m completely lost and all over the place if I don’t.

What exactly is a Bereavement Concierge & Grief coach?

A bereavement concierge is an advocate for families who’ve lost a loved one. We ensure your affairs are properly handled after loss in the way of funeral planning, helping you obtain needed documentation, communication with vendors, assisting with the removal of your loved one off of accounts, and all of the tedious tasks that come after death. A grief coach is someone who helps you get unstuck and move forward in your grief. You may feel ready to move forward but you’re just not sure how to get there; a grief coach will guide you there as long as you’re ready and willing to do what it takes.

Why is your role essential to getting through the grieving process?

I want to help women get unstuck from the heaviness of grief that’s been holding them back. This is essential because it’s easy for grief to take over our lives in a negative way and if we’re not careful it could swallow us up. My role is to push you forward to accomplish those things you’ve placed on hold or avoided as a result of the heaviness. This is essential because if you’re willing to do the work, you’ll begin to see your life get back on track in different areas of life including your family, business/career, and relationships.

If you could give any helpful advice to someone dealing with loss right now, what would it be?

There is no time frame when it comes to grief so try to be patient with yourself. Grief is an unpredictable emotional rollercoaster so allow yourself to feel what you feel unapologetically. 

What do you hope women and families take away from your brand?

I hope women and families takeaway, comfort, care, and the trust of knowing we have their best interest at heart and affairs in order. 

What is next for you? 

Speaking opportunities to spread awareness on handling the aftermath of death; Concierge Convo podcast series, Docuseries on various types of losses, and whatever additional things God lines up thereafter.

How can those going through grief get in contact with your services?; IG/FB-1st 24 Bereavement 

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