Pretty and Changing The Game of Beauty Education with Tiffané Nicol

Simply a creative by nature and has always loved the business and glam of the beauty and spa industry. That’s exactly why she got into the beauty industry almost 20 years ago. Owner of Style Mobb Studio (Full-service salon and spa) for 10 years formerly known as Diamonds & Pearls Image Studio she has mastered the professional skills of a master cosmetology and a master entrepreneurs businesswoman. As much as she loves the beauty industry and business managing she loves interacting with and inspiring students, and most of all, witnessing the students’ growth all the way from enrollment to graduation. Over 10 years of grooming newly license hairstylists, nail techs, and make-up artists from freshmen in cosmetology school to popular professionals. Her passion to educate, inspire and beauty lead to Style Mobb University.

Who is Tiffane Nicol in five words?

Hustler, Inspiration, Faith, Giver, Resilient 

You are an artist, professional hairstylist, and Makeup artist, when did you discover your gifts?

 I fell in love with beauty “Hair and makeup” at a very young age, I can’t remember the exact age but I remember the exact place “A drag bar dressing room”. My mother is a lip-sync artist, so I spent a lot of my young childhood days in dressing rooms of drag shows. Seeing people transition into characters was amazing to me, I had to learn the skills behind it. 

If you could sum your creativity up in one word, what would it be?


You have been a part of the beauty industry for over 13 years, what has been your greatest lesson thus far?  

The greatest lesson I’ve learned from the beauty industry is to ensure your tools!!!!! My entire makeup kit was stolen from my car after coming off tour with R Kelly and the Soul Train Awards… I lost over $40,000 of makeup and equipment, to this day I wish I had insurance to cover my tools. 

What tips do you have for women entering into the beauty industry?

 Here are 3 tips for anyone entering the beauty industry: 

  1. Understand this is a business, if you come into this industry with a business mindset you will go far and you could build wealth fast. 
  2. The beauty business is built and stands on passion. If making money is your only reason for entering the beauty industry, you won’t last long.  
  3. Be prepared to dedicate long hours behind the chair and on your computer to build a professional beauty business. To be successful in this industry you must understand the theory and practicality of all facets of the beauty business. Take classes, go to a beauty school that specializes in the areas of expertise you’re interested in, and understand this is a forever growing and learning industry.   

You are the first to own a 24 hr hair salon in Atlanta, what can women expect when entering your doors?

 I once owned a 24-hour one-stop shop image studio Diamonds and Pearls Image Studio. Diamonds and Pearls Image Studio housed a boutique, nail salon, and hair salon located in Castleberry Hill (downtown Atlanta). We would be bumping with clients until 3,4, 5 o’clock in the morning. Those were such good times. Now my full focus is on Style Mobb University (SMU), the world’s 1st HBCU Beauty School. The birth of Style Mobb University “SMU” came from years of hiring and training hairstylists in my commission-based salons. I found myself in a cycle of training salon reality to ladies fresh out of beauty school, once I trained them up they would go on to be beauty bosses. This grew a passion of wanting to help the masses and offer this as a structured program… boom … Now we have Style Mobb University, cosmetology, and advanced training beauty school. Operating in the culture of an HBCU, we give our students a real college experience and we offer student housing. Honestly, it’s the second-best thing I’ve ever done, “the 1st was having my son, Sidney Crown;) “.

As a woman who has experienced a great amount of success, what is next for you? 

The next great thing for me is The annual Beauty and Barber Bosses Awards Show. I’ve taken on the job of being a leader in the beauty industry, when I took on this job I understood it’s important to inspire and motivate the masses .. and the best way I have seen this done is to give flowers ‘credit” when they are due. The Beauty and Barber Bosses Awards is necessary for the beauty and barber industry, it creates a platform to celebrate our beauty and hard work. So, yeah the beauty and barber bosses awards are the next big project in addition to growing and expanding Style Mobb University. I’ve received several offers from investors wanting to franchise Style Mobb University. In due time that opportunity will be available. 

How can readers connect with you? 

In the world of social media, I can be found on most platforms:

IG: @TiffaneNicol @StyleMobb_University @beautyandbarberbossesawardshow


What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles?

The definition of a Pretty Woman who hustles is a glamorous woman making business moves like a man.  

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CEO/Founder of Pretty Women Hustle Magazine

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