Wombilee is Launching

Wombilee, which will be soft launched in January, co-founded by C.Nichole and Raffinae LaJuan, is the newest non-toxic, chemical-free, 7-layers of protection menstrual pad to help combat unhealthy and unprotected wombs. 

An estimated 62% of women and young girls in the United States alone use menstrual pads during their menstrual cycle, and most of those pads do not show the ingredients but are chemically made. Wombilee’s mission is to provide a healthier option for women and girls, and to empower them to acknowledge menstruation as strength.

Raffinaé LaJuan – A proud mother of two amazing young men. After a decade-plus of experience working in corporate America as a recruiting consultant and then Chief Diversity Officer in the healthcare industry, she took a leap of faith to become an entrepreneur. Raffinaé is the CEO of the food marketing company, Inspire Brand Management, with clients on three continents. She is also the Founder of Moms for Medals, a non-profit organization that focuses on creating new successful generational statistics in teen mothers and young women. Raffinaé believes that “This life is not your own. Life is a gift, and we are put here for a greater purpose than just to exist in everyday life.”

C.Nichole  A businesswoman, singer-songwriter, non-profit founder, authorboutique owner, and Pan Africanist. Having never worked a nine-to-five, C.Nichole started as a freelancer in TV/Film production before switching industries and starting her own marketing company, emphasizing experiential marketing. Her experiences of visiting 100+ countries before 30 years of age led her to advocate for Pan Africanism through music, education, and entrepreneurship. C.Nichole teaches history through her music, authored books for both adults and children, and is the Founder of Pan African Think Tank, a non-profit pushing for collective work and responsibility and cooperative economics. Her mantra is, “Know your worth. Respect yourself. Keep the faith. Sustain your peace.”

I had the pleasure of talking with both owners to discover the passion and purpose behind this much needed brand.

C.Nichole and Raffinae LaJuan, how did the two of you come to know each other?

We’re sisters, like in real life. We share the same mother.

What is Wombilee and inquiring minds want to know how in the world you came up with that name?

I originally wanted the name to be “Womanly” but when I googled it, I saw it was already taken. I knew the brand would be about a healthier alternative for our wombs so I switched “woman” with “womb”. I left the “ly” but changed it to “lee” because I thought about how the Queen Bee birth the whole colony, and women birth the world. So I checked to make sure that name wasn’t taken, and since it wasn’t, it became the name of our menstrual pad brand.

What sets Wombilee apart from other sanitary products?

Wombilee is the only 100% woman-owned brand in this hemisphere that has graphene in its pads. Graphene is one of the thinnest known materials and also one of the strongest. It’s stronger than steel and lighter than paper. It’s highly versatile, with elastic as well as thermal and conductive properties; vibrational energy. It’s lightweight, flexible, resilient, and breathable. In Wombilee’s pads, Graphene helps with circulatory health, metabolic health, and cell activity, helping to balance the body’s pH. Destroys the bacterial cell membrane and inhibits bacteria. Anti-static and conductive which helps in transferring heat to prevent skin itching.

Wombilee’s pads also have 7 layers of protection which offers breathability, while keeping you dry and odorless. Our Moderate (regular) pads hold up to 150 milliliters, while our Heavy (super) pads hold up to 200 milliliters. Most pads on the market don’t even hold up to 10 milliliters (10 grams).

We also have a giveback feature, so when purchasing with Wombilee, you’re helping fight period poverty by giving back to a womb in need.

Raffinaé you are a force to be reckoned with. CEO of the food marketing company, Inspire Brand Management as well as the nonprofit, Moms for Medals. Tell our readers more about your businesses.


Inspire Brand Management officially launched in 2016 when an idea turned into reality. I was no stranger to the marketing industry. With over 15 years of executive recruiting and marketing experience under my belt, I noticed a common disconnect between consistent professional individuals and passion in the experiential industry. Inspire Brand Management looks at ways to bridge the gap between people’s gifts, resources, and different opportunities. Connecting professional individuals that are passionate about personal connections is 101 in our relationship-building model. We nurture healthy partnerships while bridging the gaps and connecting the dots in business. We help you WIN AT YOUR TARGET MARKET! We work primarily in the retail food industry with stores like Central Market, Whole Foods Market, natural grocers, H-E-B, Tom Thumb, Kroger, and more. We’re in the relationship-building business.

In June 2021 we received an amazing endorsement from HEB Central Market to become one of their number one third-party vetted marketing company of choice! Stop by www.InspireBrandManagement.com and check us out.

Moms for Medals started as a community outreach of mentoring young teenage mothers in high school. I’ve had the amazing opportunity to literally be what I needed when I was 14 & pregnant. With that means is I was a teenage mom and there were not a lot of groups with empowering uplifting messages when I was younger. I need it extra light at the end of a dark tunnel, my life as a point was filled with a lot of uncertainty as to what my next steps are going to be. The statistic showed that young ladies who have babies early are more prone to having their second and third pregnancies before the age of 19. I did not want to be a statistic. So we have partnered with Dallas independent school district to create a mentorship program, health and wellness sessions with women, we’re able to provide resources for our young ladies to help with trauma and offer therapy. Inspire Brand Management has an internship program that is available for our young ladies. We teach them business-to-business skills, Confidence, empowering confidence, empowering their voice as well as how to build a brand.

C.Nichole, you too are a force to be reckoned with as well. You are a singer, songwriter, author, boutique owner, and also the Founder of Pan African Think Tank. We definitely need to know what Pan African Think Tank is all about.

Pan African Think Tank is a 501(c)(3) international non-profit based in Dallas, USA. Our mission is to bridge the gap between Africa and the African Diaspora through Pan African forums that assist with research as a means to collectively advocate. With a focus on education and entrepreneurship, Pan African Think Tank believes that having those focuses are the most beneficial way to globally have people of African descent become self-sufficient while being communal to advance the next generations. We partner with organizations in Benin, Botswana, Liberia, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, and Haiti. Pan African Think Tank’s work includes:

Giving out education scholarships.

Funding the building of hygiene facilities at schools.

Donating books and supplies to community libraries.

Donating technology to professional youth organizations.

Giving grants to winners of entrepreneurship contests.

Learn more about how you can help and donate at PanAfricanTT.org

How has your other businesses helped play a role with Wombilee?

C.Nichole: From birth I’ve always been a creative person, intertwined with my background in business, things that I’ve picked up and learned over the years played in my favor. I’m also a world traveler, so understanding how other people do business in different parts of the world helped. The manufacturing and design process of the pads, down to how we would brand ourselves, to building the website was instant to me. Being used to handling business in different time zones, having the graphic design and web design skills, with a Marketing background since college gave me the assistance that I needed.

Raffinae LaJuan: Hustle and grind is my middle name! Being no stranger to hard work and building Inspire Brand Management Company ground up has given me all of the foundational tools needed to build and sustain a relationship business-to-business and consumer-to-consumer. At Inspire we help our clients identify their customer base and grow their repeat customer base, in addition to creating the most memorable experience while displaying excellent customer service. This falls in direct alignment with what we are doing at Wombilee! We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, building relationships, and educating our Royal Court. We have a product that is life-changing that, not only keeps you feeling dry but can literally change the way that you view a natural part of life.

What do you have planned for 2022?

C.Nichole: For Wombilee, it’s about getting the name out there. We officially launch in March of 2022, so the focus will be trade shows, expos, conferences, educating women on the health aspects of menstruation and how Wombilee can be of assistance in that process. Encouraging more women to buy our product in 2022 is so important for us so we can able to start getting cartons together to travel around the world with our giveback initiation; helping fight period poverty in places that don’t get a lot of attention such as Africa and Latin America. Getting into retail establishments will be another big push while continuing to provide the best customer experience for those that shop our storefront at Wombilee.com

Raffinae LaJuan: We’re so excited for our official launch in March 2022. Being in the retail industry is in my direct wheelhouse, so this has been an amazing journey going from one side of the business to the other.

As C.Nichole mentioned our 2022 focus will be on trade shows, expos, conferences, educating women, and making an impact in the School Districts & on College campuses are hugely important. Schools and colleges are mandated to provide sanitary napkins and tampons. Why not provide a healthier, safer option for our youth. Our pads are made of organic cotton, with no fragrances dyes, chlorine, or pesticides. Our seven layers of protection are more absorbable than anything else on the market so, it allows our young ladies to stay dry and feel confident and unashamed about a natural part of life!

Finally, what is your definition of a Pretty Woman who Hustles?

C.Nichole: A woman who knows herself in and out, firm in her identity, and confident enough to do whatever she sets her mind to, without worrying about someone else’s opinion. Because a hustler knows that no one will have their back like they will have their back, so it takes a go-getter mentality to be a Pretty Woman who hustles.

Raffinae LaJuan: I would describe a Pretty Woman who hustles as a strong, bold, confident, charismatic, and intelligent woman. Who understands that no matter what obstacles come before you that nothing is impossible. In fact, the word “impossible” when it is broken down says, “I’m possible!” Take every no with a grain of salt and understand that no means not right now and you’re yes is on its way. You can be anything that you want to be in this lifetime. Grit, hustle, and grind is necessary, and remember “It All Begins With You!”. 

Stay up to date with Wombilee by visiting their site here.

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  1. I am just so excited about everything you young ladies are doing. I wasn’t aware that you guys were doing this. It almost brought tears to my eyes because I know you personally . Continue to follow your dreams and allowing God to lead you to who knows where.. 👋🏽👋🏽👋🏽👍🏽.

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