Getting in Alignment with your Assignment

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When you are manifesting a new vision or life for yourself, it is commonly said to write out the small steps on how to attain those goals. To write down the atomic habits that push you forward into manifesting the bigger picture. Same as prayer. What are you doing to get yourself ready for what you prayed for? What new mindsets and plans are you incorporating into your everyday life? What areas of your life are allowing God to work through?

In the new year, feelings of renewal and rebirth are swirling around. The aura of starting fresh and really sticking to a new routine are now the current trend. How are you making the moment you have the most meaningful?  We have learned that in the crisis that we are in, there really is no tomorrow and we can only live for today and hope for tomorrow. The fact that we woke up, can breathe air, are able to interact with one another. We too many times wait till the moment has passed before we reflect and appreciate what we had, or what was there. 

None of us know how much time we have, but we do know that we were all placed on Earth to be a part of the assignment. We all contribute to the cycle of life and it is important we each fulfill that role in what we are called to do. Understanding your role in the bigger picture can be tricky, but pay attention. Listen close, because when we speak, He listens. When we pray, He hears us; we just have to be patient enough to wait for answers and look for the signs. Don’t avoid them when they come to us or shrug it off as a coincidence. God is a GENIUS. He knows exactly what to do and how to do it. Your life is a part of the bigger picture, and He has assigned YOU. This year is about action. No longer speaking, but doing. No longer prepping, but taking steps. Going full force at the vision He has instilled in you because He needs you to do what He has called you to do so you can fulfill your role in the bigger picture; so the world can see the goodness of His Kingdom!   

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As I reflect on my own life, it is crazy to see how just a thought can form into reality. How far I have come. How the image I had in my head of what life was going to be like is nothing compared to the vision He had for me, and even through all of the mess, His vision was WAY better. All my struggles and strife were part of the plan, He just needed me to believe in myself, because believing in myself is believing and trusting in Him. He will never let me down. He will never fail me. He is STILL HOLY and He will always grant me everything I need

Over the past year, in my walk with God, I have learned it is okay to ask for more. God wants to give us more, but in turn, what are you doing to prepare for more?  With more responsibility, there are more actions, more accountability, more time, and more sacrifice. He will only give more to those who are really ready and those who put in the work to receive more. So I pose the question again, what are you doing to get ready? How are you preparing for tomorrow? What actions are you living out today that will benefit you tomorrow? 

Life can change in an instant, so dont get attached to temporary outcomes. It is through the highs and lows of life that God can teach us, show us, groom us. If life was always like heaven, as humans we would take advantage of such a blessing.  When we have experiences of hurt and pain, we can fully rejoice and take pleasure in a life of no sorrow. We can fully dance in the sun and be among the angels singing. We can praise His Holy Name because we KNOW the wonders and miracles Our Father in heaven can perform. We have seen it with our own eyes, and we have built a firm foundation in faith that even though we cannot see,  we KNOW He can and He will.

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I dont have it all together, yet He continues to use me every day. I am fortunate that He extends such grace. So this year I am doing my part in taking the steps I need to get in alignment with my assignment!

I know the peace I have found under His wing and the victories that lie within trusting in Him. I have strayed from the herd only to find myself calling them back. He is my home, and there is no place like home. 

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