The Habits of a Successful Lash Artist by Alexandria Gomez

Alexandria Gomez is a six-time Certified Lash Artist, Lash New York Salon Owner, Business Coach, Lash Product Creator, Online Training Academy Mentor and Entrepreneur. Lexie has been lashing in the industry for seven years and has found herself in the community by helping others look, feel and be beautiful – while helping other young lash lash artist build the same empire. 

Lexie created her book, “Habits of a Successful Lash Artist” which gives all the in’s and out’s of a “Classic Lash Extension” Manual that every lash artist needs. Lexie hopes to inspire young women to able to achieve the same dreams. As her motto is to “Dream Big!” 

Lexie’s salon Lash New York has won two awards: Pittsburgh Best Lashes and is in the Business Hall of Fame. Lash New York has made a name for itself in Pittsburgh, PA. 

Lexie takes great pride in her technique and training and you will be comfortable in the know that Lexie will not only inspire you to achieve great results but to become the Best Lash Artist you can be. 

Lexie is a futurist leader and she plans on having a Podcast and her online course launching very soon to inspire all women to pursue their dreams. 

We had the opportunity to catch up with Lexie to find out her goals for 2022.

Who is Alexandria Gomez in five words?

 Lexie is a beautiful, intelligent, hustler, motivator, and powerhouse of a woman. 

When did you discover your passion for the beauty industry, specifically Lashes? 

I discovered my passion for lashes in 2015 when I use to strip in the strip club and used strip lashes but wanted to get out so I then started doing makeup for the beauty counter Bobbi brown and I actually received a gift certificate to have mine done from my mom who was a single mom as well as I am today and my life was forever changed. I said this right here is what I want to do I’m going to become the next BEST lash artist. And I never looked back only forward. 

You hold many titles as a salon owner, business coach, lash product creator and so much more, how do you balance it all?

 I have always been a multitasker in life and if it wasn’t for my team at LNY I wouldn’t have had been able to become successful and let my creative juices flow. I had the help of Virtual Assistants that perform many tasks such as answering calls, reading emails, and helping me achieve success so that I am able to produce and be successful. I am actually a single mom currently and only focusing on my courses, products, my book “Habits of a Successful Lash Artist” on Amazon, and podcast at the moment. 

What do self-care and me-time currently look like for you?

 I am a firm believer and self-care such as facials, massages, and nails, and pedicures. Everyone woman deserves to be pampered and feels beautiful. 

A Lot of your time is spent nurturing and teaching upcoming entrepreneurs, What advice do you have for the next generation of lash artists? 

If I could tell one thing to the next generation of lash artists is to “ Don’t sleep on the clock” and to always “Dream Big” bc all you have is time and in a blink of an eye that time will pass you by so make the most of every second you have and hustle every moment you have like it’s your last day here. And to never stop dreaming bc anything can be possible if you put your mind to it and want it bad enough. 

Tell us about your new book “Habits of a Successful Lash Artist”? Habits of a Successful Lash Artist is a book about the “ins and outs” of the basic training of becoming a 6 figure lash artist as well as the exact process I have taken step by step

In order to become a successful Classic Lash artist. You may find my book on Amazon. 

What can women expect when entering the doors of Lash New York? When you enter the doors of LNY you feel as if I’ve brought New York to Pittsburgh. It is cozy, and you are able to sit in your red vintage thrones with the skyline of Manhattan in the back round and each private lash room with a photo of each borough of Lash New York as well as be treated with great customer service. 

What is next for you and your brand? 

My brand is focusing on the online courses and part 2 of the Training manual Of Habits of a Successful Lash Artist for Volume Lashes as well as launching my podcast very soon. 

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles?

 Pretty Woman who hustles is a woman with grace and dignity who thrives to be the BEST at whatever they try to pursue in their career whether you are a stripper, stay-at-home mom, lash artist, or teacher. You do your job with Joy in your heart and Love for God bc without him we are unable to make it. You can do all things through Christ, prayer, and meditation. And hustle hard ladies it’s 2022!!!

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