Tips to Keep You Motivated Along the Journey

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We dont speak enough about how difficult change can be; or about the mental willpower it takes to walk away from something familiar. We dont speak enough about those moments where you have to choose to walk away from what’s comfortable and chose the unknown. We dont talk about the strength it takes to believe that there is something better than what’s in front of you now, to know you deserve more, and to not set settle. Yet, the power of surrendering and the true substance of faith is taking the leap into the unknown.

The idea of change and wanting to change is great, but the action steps behind such change are where we seem to fall short. It sounds easy to just leave that cheating man, to quit that toxic friendship, to not give in to our temptations, yet when we are faced with the chance to say “NO” or walk away, we find ourselves back to where we started. We are all facing our own battles and all trying to find the best way to move forward. Easier said than done, but it comes down to how much work and perseverance we are going to put into this new mindset. How are we going to continue to motivate ourselves in the process?

When I find myself stuck in a hard place, I remind myself that with God on my side, I cannot fail. I may not have it all together today, but there is tomorrow. I may not win the battle, but I will always win the war. 

The following are some tips that have helped me keep pushing and motivating myself along the journey:

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  • Give yourself grace. Acknowledge the struggles that we all face that we just dont speak of and extend that grace to your neighbors. From there, you will begin to also recognize and understand your own inner struggles and extend grace within yourself. To reprogram your mindset when you have adapted to old habits is no easy feat, yet the fact that you are taking the steps to do so is progress in itself. Dont be so hard on yourself, and celebrate your small accomplishments, even if it is just getting through the day. 
  • Write it down. Hold yourself accountable for the milestones you reach. Good or bad, write down what you are struggling with and how you did or didn’t overcome it. Over time you will be able to tangibly see your patterns and triggers and even better identify how to continuously make the changes you seek in your life.
  • Small habits create big habits.  Dont psych yourself out focusing on the bigger picture, yet focus on the smaller ones. Once you accomplish those small goals repeatedly, tackling the bigger goals will seem like a piece of cake. Give yourself digestible and realistic milestones that will promote longevity in your change. 

Moving forward means healing from your past and applying the lessons learned in your future for continuous self-improvement. As long as you don’t quit, you can and always will make a change. Don’t look back because there is something better to look forward to. Old habits die hard but new improved habits create promising futures, just keep hangin’ on.  

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