Angelina Cortez bringing Luxury to your Pets

A pet advocate from New York City, New York, Angelina’s love for animals dates back to her early childhood with her family cat, Lady Fingers. The faith-based warrior holds multiple Bachelor’s Degrees in Nutrition, Accounting, Business Administration with a focus in Entrepreneurship and Marketing which prepared her for multiple career ventures. Before founding her pet amenities corporation, Cortez worked as a sports reporter, actress, and fashion model.

As an avid traveler, Angelina always brought her cats along and constantly searched for efficient ways for them to travel. Her struggles and those of other pet lovers inspired her to launch PETS2GO International.

PETS2Go International is a luxury, pet hospitality, and amenity brand bridging the gap between hotels and the luxury pet travel experience. Pets2Go currently provides travelers with luxury pet amenity gift packs and emergency comfort kits to accommodate pet hospitality needs via their PuppyMini and KittyMini Kits.

As the CEO of PETS2GO International, Angelina focuses on creating opportunities and introducing high-end products to the hospitality and travel industries. She understands, “pets are an integral part of the family and hotel guests want their pets to enjoy luxury accommodations and amenities just as they do.”

In the future, Angelina intends for Pet2Go to be federally funded so that she can build animal rescue terminals where pets can find grace and peace before being rehomed. She also wants to make Pets2Go an international name throughout the hospitality and travel industries. As a member of the Greater Miami Beaches and Hotels Association, American Hotel and Lodging Association, and Asian American Hotel Owners Association, and with recent praise from IHG Hotel and Resorts, she is well on her way.

As a community give-back, Pets2Go International regularly partners with local pet shelter, Rescue Me Georgia to host live adoptions at their on-site pet rescue hub—located at their Georgia corporate fulfillment center.

Cortez is a wife and mother of two for whom she vows to create generational wealth. She is inspired by mothers and fathers alike who blindly step out on faith to create their own
lanes in which they can thrive. Her hobbies include roller skating with her daughter, guest-starring on podcasts, and brand development for Pet2Go expansion and subsidiaries.

We had the opportunity to sit down with Angelina to discuss her inspiration behind her growing brand.

Who is Angelina Cortez, in three words?
Believer, Faithful, Trailblazer.

When did you discover your calling into entrepreneurship?
I always knew that I wasn’t meant to be at a 9 to 5 when I joined the army and had to show up every day and sit my creativity in the corner. I saw solutions I had for many of the issues I have been introduced into and yet these solutions were equivalent to nothing in that space. I wanted to be able to use my natural abilities to create new opportunities for myself and others and truly make a difference.

What inspired the start of Pets2go?
I would travel with my cat Pumpkin and we stayed at hotels and there were never any products available that the hotels could provide, so I created them!

What current products and services are offered with Pets2go?
Hospitality Pet Amenity Gift Packs, Dog Birthday Gift Packs, sympathy Gift Packs, and Valentine’s Day Puppy Love Gift Packs for those who love their pooches!

Why is Pets2go the answer for women who love to travel with their pets?
The Pets2GO Brand is always out front with the BEST QUALITY Luxury Gift Packs, and for any woman who desires for their love to be felt in their selection of gifts for a beloved friend with a dog, these ladies will find that Pets2GO will deliver the highest quality in couture Pet Gifts.

What is next for you in 2022?
Expansion in our operations, increased social media presence, The Pet Lovers Podcast with Angelina Cortez on Linked in LIVE, and New international corporate Partnerships.

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles?
Taking Lemons and Making Lemonade every day regardless of what comes my way. Wake up early to pray and hear, trust in Jesus the entire way, and maintain my joy throughout the process, especially through the tears.

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