Trials and Tribulations: The Life Story Of Vero G.

Trials and Tribulations: The Life Story Of Vero G.

Veronica Gonzalez is an Artist and Entrepreneur who has dedicated her life to giving back to her community. 

She has experienced many trials and tribulations including surviving domestic violence, the foster care system, homelessness, and pregnancy. 

Despite her many trials she never stopped helping others. Veronica realized her story needed to be shared with the world and released her first autobiography called “Trials and Tribulations: An Autobiography of Vero G.” This book takes readers through Veronica’s faith walk along with determination helped her overcome every obstacle. 

Currently, Veronica spends her time in local radio, magazines, tv outlets, and more allowing local talent in NYC to have their voice heard through her various platforms. 

Veronica is grateful for her many accomplishments including working alongside her community to host The 2nd Annual Back 2 School event. Giving back is a part of her sole mission of helping others. She hopes her story inspires others to never give up on their dreams. 

We had the opportunity to sit down with Vero G. to discuss the inspiration behind her mission to give back to the community of NYC.

When did you discover you held a story that needed to be shared with the world?
I felt this was the time to tell my testimony to others especially while we all are going through this pandemic in the world.

What inspires you to keep going after your dreams?
What inspires me to keep pushing myself to fulfill my dreams is my determination, dedication, and motivation to never give up on myself.

What message do you hope readers take away from your autobiography?
What I want the readers to gain from my autobiography is to know no matter what obstacles you go through in life. It should not stop you to believe in yourself, or whatever goals you want to accomplish in life.

Where do you hope to see your brand go next?
I see my brand expanding to further platforms and more opportunities for all who want their voice to be heard.

What advice do you have for someone who may be dealing with domestic violence currently?
My advice to anyone who may be encountering Domestic Violence at this moment, is to get help as soon as you can from a safe place, also to know that you can overcome this battle. To know you can live a normal life with the right support and help that is needed.

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles?

My definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles is a woman who has the drive and mission to provide a path for herself and for others to lead the way. To respect her grind and hustle in a positive light.

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