Meet Author Kitty Arceneaux

Meet Author Kitty Arceneaux

Kitty Arceneaux, an Ambassador for Christ is a dedicated wife and mother who has devoted her life to Christ and has a passion for helping others gain a closer relationship with Abba. Kitty is a licensed and ordained Minister.

Kitty was selected as a Suggested Artist for songwriting with VH1 in April 2005 and she was selected as Honorary Mention in February 2006 for Gospel/Christian lyrics. She is recognized with the National Poetry Association and is featured in the book titled, Eternal Portrait Series for three of her poems (The Dream, Apart and Missing You). She is also a member of “Who’s Who” with the International Library of Poetry.

Kitty’s book Ruth Ready won a bronze medal with Readers Favorite in September 2020. She is also the author of 2 children’s book that was illustrated by her daughter, Whitney. Titles are, I Can Do What Mommy Can Do (a book for girls) and I Can Do What Daddy Can Do (a book for boys)

When did you discover your passion and gift for teaching others about Jesus?
I didn’t even realize I enjoyed it until my Pastor at the time assigned me to teach at the Bible Institute. I have been teaching since.

Do you remember the person who influenced you the most in your walk with Christ?
There was a female Pastor I met that made me feel so special while I was on the cross. She didn’t judge me and she befriended me, helping me to make the transition and teaching me the Word.

You are the author of 2 children’s books, when did you discover your creativity and gift to share stories?
I’ve always shared stories, even as a kid. My imagination was very open at a young age. It wasn’t until my daughter challenged me to write a children’s book that I even thought of writing one.

What do you hope women and families take away from your work?
I write to encourage and empower, with the hopes that my writing will bring families closer together.

What is next for Kitty?
I wonder…lol
I’m working on a few things. I have a new book, Ruth Ready In Business, where I just talk about the Basics of Business. But I am working on another Coaching certification and will be developing a book.

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman who Hustles?
An Enterprising woman who is determined to succeed and help her sister along the way.

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