Kim Waldren On Career, Motherhood, Marriage, And Social Emotional Learning

Kim Waldren On Career, Motherhood, Marriage, And Social Emotional Learning

Our current times have called many of us to reevaluate our lives. Some are expressing new self care practices while others are going after their dreams. Meanwhile some of us are just trying to balance the everyday hustle and bustle. New children’s book author Kimberly Waldren has managed to find her own sense of balance while also penning her first book.

Here’s what she shared on her home life, writing process and new children’s book:

What inspired your interests in becoming an author? 

My husband inspired me. He started working on his memoir, Starvin Artist: Hunger for Success about 2 1/2 years ago. While working on his book he suggested I write my story. My story wasn’t nearly as interesting or exciting as his, in my opinion, so I decided to write a children’s book instead. My two daughters helped me think of some of the funny and quirkiness in my series.”

How did you balance maintaining a career, marriage, family life and writing a book?

“I didn’t pressure myself into setting a specific deadline for my book. I wrote when I had the time. I wanted this to be an enjoyable experience and therefore alleviate any pressures.”

How can your new book be used as a tool for social emotional learning?

AJ and the Annoying Copy-Catter is about a girl noticing that a fellow classmate is being bullied. After witnessing the cruelness, not only does A.J. realize her classmate needs a friend, but she also takes the opportunity to support her classmate by standing up against bullies. This is significant because in a society where many are usually standing on the side lines and would rather not interfere, A.J. recognizes the need for empathy for someone else. The story showcases how understanding and identifying not only your own emotions, but the emotions of others, can have positive outcomes.”

Why is social emotional learning important for kids during our unprecedented times?

Social emotional learning is important for kids during our unprecedented times because it can help them develop empathy, increase self-control and manage stress. The development of social emotions is linked with the development of the ability to imagine other people’s mental states, which generally develops in adolescence. Byron Sanders article on The Power Of Social And Emotional Learning is a great resource tool.”

Kimberly Waldren is doing amazing things. She’s even working on book two in her AJ youth series. We can expect to see book two later in the year. For now, you can purchase copies of AJ and the Annoying Copy-Catter on Amazon and at Wal-Mart. Connect with the author on Instagram as @Author_KimWaldren or via email:

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