Pretty Woman Who Hustles: Singer Cristina Rae

Pretty Woman Who Hustles: Singer Cristina Rae

Singer Cristina Rae shares her 3 reasons she is a Pretty Woman Who Hustles. This Tennessee native wowed the judges on America’s Got Talent – Season 15 and now she will blow you away with her soulful new single I AM.

Reason 1 she is a woman who hustles:

My Son – Life has its ups and downs and, a lot of times I’ve given up on myself then I remember I have my son to hold on to. He’s a reflection of me and my reason to keep striving for greatness. When becoming a mom you’re automatically given an accountability partner. Every day my baby wakes up is another chance for me to get it right. It’s another opportunity to aid him in avoiding mistakes I’ve made. He is his universe, one in which I helped to create. I will tend to it the way God tends to us. He is my priority and the number one reason why I hustle.

Reason 2 she is a woman who hustles:

My Story – Due to experiences and things I’ve gone through, I know my journey has to be worth it because I’m worth it. Things have been rough and, if I can overcome those bad days to inspire my son and others, then my story and gifts are worth sharing. 

Reason 3 she is a woman who hustles:

Legacy – I’m a pretty woman who hustles because I want to be the one to help establish general wealth for my family. As Black people, we too often hear of all the generational curses our families inherit. But I believe it can easily be broken by just one. I can and will be the one to provide my lineage with opportunities for years to come.

Watch “I AM” Here

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