She’s Pretty and Black Owned: Meet Gina T. Akins

Life Note LLC, Was offically launched on January 1, 2022. The previous year was spent truly focusing on God’s word. When he spoke, she made sure to listen.
God has blessed

Gina T. Akins was blessed with so many skills and talents over the last 26 years, and for that she is thankful. Her work has spread from Barber/Stylists, MUA, IT Tech, Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Graphic Design, Podcast Host and so much more. She is truly amazed at her own success over the years.

She realizes that her success has a great deal to do with the great support system God has surrounded her with.

Gina spent the last year limiting her social media presence to truly focus on herself and expanding her knowledge.

During the time she researched, applied her degrees and certifications and enrolled in additional classes that prepared her for this year’s journey.

Life Note LLC was designed to help families find their own serenity with the help of the financial & legal services offered through Life Note.

Gina States: “At this moment, still expanding my skills for much much more to come. In my research, from IRS and Court System there are so many cases that are pushed back, denied, or rejected all because forms filled out wrong or people really don’t understand their own legal rights, etc. So you’re forced to hire an Attorney and find yourself in more financial debt, depressed and helpless.

Life Note, LLC is here to stop the financial drainage, help minimize stress, help show people how to get their Life Back, and by all means put money back in their pocket.

What inspired the start of “Life Note LLC”?
My inspiration for starting Life Note, LLC came from my own personal situations in life while assisting so many of my family and friends with their own financial and legal troubles.
To see family and friends go through turmoil and having attorney fees increase drastically to the point where some were left homeless, unemployed, divorced feeling defeated, and alone.
During this time I went through my own pain without help or a shoulder to lean on.
I want to teach others survival mode and how to get through legal trouble without an attorney.
In my research “The Irs and court systems are pushing back, denying, rejecting so many cases because forms are filled out wrong or people don’t really understand their legal rights. So you find yourself playing the waiting game which could take years before your case is heard or you can save up money for another attorney while the process starts again.

In the meantime, depression sets in, and couples go through emotional, physical, and mental abuse while children are being played as pawns in divorce.

I am a spiritual person, so when God says GO, I begin helping people fight back while educating them of their financial and legal rights.

I took all my knowledge and became knowledgeable in my craft while putting my passion to use. This is how Life Note, LLC started, to give people their light at the end of the dark, cold tunnel. I remind them that they are not alone and all they need is faith to succeed.

What has been the biggest challenge of running a brand like “Life Note LLC”?
The biggest challenge is trying not to get emotionally attached to your clients. Listening to their stories can draw you in and it can easily turn into long-lasting friendships instead of a client base.
You can find yourself easily becoming your client’s therapist if you aren’t careful.

How does “The Life Note LLC” impact the community?
We help the community not only by providing small classes to teach the proper way to fill out legal forms as well as educating in taxes, finances, and legal education. Providing the community with resources for those who cannot afford legal help.
We also on occasion file cases on behalf of clients for those who have limited transportation.

You recently joined the notary world in Florida and added these services to your portfolio, can you tell us about the work you’re doing through Life Note LLC?
Aside from being the CEO of Life Note, LLC, I am the financial and legal consultant and lead tax preparer.

Where do you hope to see your brand in the next 3-5 years?
In 3-5 years I hope to see my business throughout different cities. I hope to become a public and motivational speaker, host seminars and educational programs nationally on “How to survive legally and financially without an attorney”.

What advice do you have for the next generation of entrepreneurs?
The sky is the limit, never limit yourself from wanting to learn more. Listen to the small voice that is speaking to you because you never know when it might be your time to change the world for the better with your very own creations.

What does being Pretty and Black Owned mean to you?
Being Black is Beautiful! My success and My business were created by a beautiful mind and someone who is black and beautiful inside and out.

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