She’s Pretty and Black Owned: Meet RaChanda LaKeadra Smith

She was born on December 3rd, in Fort Rucker, AL. A native of Ozark, AL. She is a mom of three. She is a Domestic Violence Overcomer and has founded a Domestic Violence Awareness nonprofit organization with 3 others,(Jakita Johnson, Michelle McLeod, and Katrishka King) called “Love Beyond” that started from co-writing “Love Beyond.”

While writing something soo traumatic, she realized it was time to go back to therapy, and seek out additional classes, etc. to do the soul work to heal properly, if she was really going to help her clients and other DV Overcomers.

Affirmations for the Broken Soul is her first solo project. This book was birth from a Homework Assignment from Her Coach. This is a book that will help heal Broken Souls, Mend Broken hearts, break Soul-ties, break Bondage and strongholds, and help its readers do some real deal inner healing. She even pushed the envelope and discussed fear and lust!! Her Coach, Prophetess Brienna Taylor Forwarded the book.

She is also A Business Strategist, Virtual Assistant/Project Manager, and a Newly Certified Life Coach at Chanda’s Consulting. She is a servant at heart!! It is her heart’s desire to help others birth, the very thing they are called to do. She is passionate about helping others not only create and generate wealth but protect their legacy financially.

What inspired the start of ”Affirmations For the Broken Soul”?
I was literally in a session with my Coach and Mentor Brienna Taylor. One of my assignments was to write 20-25 Affirmations. She said God wanted to show me something but she could not release it to me just yet. I got to number 27 and God started speaking to me and saying I was going to write a book.
When it was time for the next session, She literally gave me the title of the book, the chapters, and she did the Foreword for the Book.

What has been the biggest challenge of running your brand?
The biggest challenge for me was simply healing while I was writing, and juggling clients for my business. But once I got the right systems in place it made my life easier and I learned to work and live by my calendar.

How does “Affirmations For the Broken Soul” impact the community?
This book is a true testament to my faith and what I’ve overcome. The mere fact that I’m still here is a blessing. So if I can make it, beat Covid 2x, go through Domestic Violence, juggle raising three kids, go through being homeless, and beat anxiety and depression. Then anyone can make it. But if you will take the time to read, I promise you will at least have the playbook to overcome Fear, Lust, Rejection, Abandonment, Soul Ties, and Bondage. This is me doing my part to help heal, not only my community but this nation.

Can you tell us about the book and what readers can expect?
This book will give you Stories about some of the things I’ve been through, Affirmations to declare over yourself, Scriptures -so that you can declare the word of God over yourself, questions to challenge yourself, as well as a guide to overcome trauma and heal.

Where do you hope to see your brand in the next 3-5 years?
I see myself having several multi-million dollar companies. Even Expanding Chanda’s Consulting into a One-Stop-Shop to service all Entrepreneurs from every aspect of the business. I want my own team of graphic designers, virtual assignments, notaries, CPAs, Book Keepers, editors, photographers, attorneys, etc so that my clients don’t have to go outside of my company or network to get services. Hopefully, I have published 50-100 books by year 3. Not including about 10-15 of my own books.

What advice do you have for the next generation of entrepreneurs?
Pray, Write the Vision, Execute with excellence, then Slay!! Make sure you surround yourself with Midwives and not dream killers.

What does being “Pretty and Black Owned” mean to you?
Pretty and Black-Owned means taking things to the next level!! It’s all about making those who came before us proud and sprinkling our Black Girl magic everywhere!!

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