She’s Pretty and Black Owned: Meet Shanice Love

Shanice Love was born on October 25, 1982, in Miami, Florida the oldest of six children born to Haitian parents. She was always ambitious and reliable keeping with the firstborn trait and always a natural leader.

Shanice was born into a family where the patriarch and matriarch functioned in the tradition of their former Island home, Haiti, ruling with an iron fist and not giving way to modern practices and beliefs when it came to their home. The home was filled with love and encouragement not based on an image, but the world outside of her home gave a message contradictory, the meeting of those two places is where she would be forced to define herself for herself, putting to rest some things and bringing forth a new life through others.

When asked about this period in her life and the significance it holds to the woman she is still becoming she responds, “Suffering from depression and not understanding what was draining my energy and stealing my joy was unbearable. No more no less, during the times of my pre-teen and teenage years, depression and mental illness were not something discussed. It was not believed to affect people of my descent. I was struggling with accepting my sexuality, I am a lesbian. I was struggling with accepting my body changes, I was developing, becoming a woman, I was blind to what was wrong, and therefore I delayed my healing process. I could not become the person I was destined to become because I did not know who I was; I simply existed so I needed to find out what it was like to live, my rebirth started with acceptance.”

Shanice accepted that the perception society holds of one does not have to become one’s reality and her self-image would not be bound in insecurities because of how she was perceived or put into a box by society. She became educated on the subject matter of depression and used her vulnerabilities about herself to empower her to become a catalyst for change. She is the phoenix, self-doubt was put to rest, and self-assurance and self-love were birthed; out of the ashes rose, First Lady Truth.

First Lady Truth is the businesswoman, the advocate, the keynote, and the motivational speaker. First Lady Truth is the variable in the equation which functions to drive the whole of Shanice to success; she is focused and understands that to constantly evolve one must always align themselves with opportunities to grow.

Shanice Love, is a powerful woman poised to prosper but she knows she is nothing without her faith; her faith does not lie in religion but in the maker of all things and the one who sustains her. She believes with the spirit that dwells within her, she controls her destiny acting on the free will granted to her; to control her thoughts, then her words, and then her actions.

First Lady Truth is standing on the precipice of greatness advocating for justice, promoting social change and togetherness creating new avenues for expression while remaining centered and humble. She has been running for a long time but realizes now she is evolving and First Lady Truth is ready for the world to take notice, it is Loyalty Enterprise’s time to receive and give abundance!

A Glimpse into Shanice Love’s Entrepreneurship Journey

Loyalty Enterprise was established in 2011 as a YouTube channel that provided support to members of the LGBTQ who simply needed to talk. The channel was extremely successful and in early 2012 we added LezFemmeMentality, a blog site that interviewed Celesbians and their allies. As we continued to evolve and make a name for ourselves we launched What The FCK Radio and quickly became a fan favorite for all things media and LGBTQ.

Depression took over my life after the passing of my father and I no longer wanted to do what I loved. I spent the next three years healing and trying to get back to me. I felt that I couldn’t continue to be a voice in my community because I no longer knew who I was.

When we re-emerged in 2017 we had the same mission but decided to execute it in a different manner. I took all of my experience as a journalist and used it to build and brand a successful firm. 

Here we are in 2022 and although we are still a small firm we operate with an empire mindset branching off into multiple business industries. Our mantra is that we represent the evolution of Black Women In Business. With Loyalty Enterprise as the parent company, we have taken the opportunities presented to us to create a business model that promotes diversity and the vision of Black Women in Power. 

LE Creative Group is our boutique-style entertainment firm that provides management and publicist services to Black Women Creatives in the LGBTQ Community. We represent the underrepresented in the entertainment, legal, and education industries, one brand at a time. 

LE Financial Group focuses on the caliber of financial education that is provided to black women. We use several avenues to accomplish this goal. This is where finance meets social responsibility. 

FB Groups: Black Women & Financial Education, Black Women & DIY Credit Repair

YouTube Channel: Truth Be Told: Credit Undercover 

Online Courses: Truth Be Told: Credit Undercover live on Teach: able 

LE Logistics+Dispatch is where trucking is female. We provide dispatch and logistical services to women in the trucking industry! 

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Shanice to gain insight on the inspiration behind Loyalty Enterprises:

What inspired the start of “Loyalty Enterprise”?
Loyalty Enterprise was created to save my life. I was in a very dark place and I decided to discover my purpose in life. Working for others never made me happy and I knew that I needed to explore that truth.

What has been the biggest challenge of running a brand like “Loyalty Enterprise”?
Staying true to who I am as a business owner, woman and brand. When you make a bold statement such as “we represent the evolution of women in business”, everything you do must live up to that. Even in your personal life. 

How does “Loyalty Enterprise” impact the community?

We represent the underrepresented one brand at a time while embracing social responsibility for our community. 

You recently joined the Trucking world by creating LE Logistics+Dispatch, can you tell us about the work you are doing through this branch of your business?
I am super excited about this endeavor. The trucking industry is a billion-dollar industry and women must be represented when passing out those checks. We provide registration, logistics, business setups, and dispatching services specifically to women truckers and women-owned trucking companies.

Where do you hope to see your brand in the next 3-5 years?

Loyalty Enterprise will be a household name and LE empire will continue to the evolution of Black Women in Business!

What advice do you have for the next generation of entrepreneurs?
Make a decision and stick to it. Be strong and decisive. Live in purpose, on purpose.

What does being “Pretty and Black Owned” mean to you?
Lmao, everything about how we carry ourselves is pretty, even when we have to get dirty.

Connect with Shanice Love and Loyalty Enterprises online

IG : @FirstLadyTruth @LoyaltyEnterpriseSince2013

FB : Loyalty Enterprise 

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