Day: March 25, 2022

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Women’s Journey to Break-Free from Stereotypes in the Workforce and as Entrepreneurs.

   For years women struggled with finding their place in the workforce. Men had been household supporters and had left raising kids to the women. As times got harder it was difficult for men to provide for the entire household. Women fought to have a chance at becoming a helpmate financially because men couldn’t see […]

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Kids Who Hustle Pretty Herstory

Young Herstory Maker: Meet Miracle Daverne

Making Herstory doesn’t begin as an adult, for some exceptional youth you pave your own way in the beginning. Meet Singer, songwriter, dancer, model, and video director Miracle Daverne. Miracle has shown the world that the sky isn’t the limit when you put your mind to it. She has released 3 hit songs: “Masks On, […]

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