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She’s Young & Ambitious: Meet Varonica of The VV Show

Varonca, better known as The VV Show, can be found on( with over 130K followers and millions of views, fans and supporters around the globe because of her social media show displaying her talent almost daily, reaching over 350K supporters among all of her social media platforms. Varonica is a 12-year-old, a multi award winning, […]

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Debt Management in December

$timulating Tips Debt is when you owe money. You can owe money to someone, a company because you borrowed money, used your credit card or have some type of outstanding loan. There are many types of debt, but it all means you owe money. One year for Christmas I purchased gifts for all my nieces […]

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Overdraft protection is a feature a financial institution or a bank provides to customers when the balance in the account does not have enough money to pay for the most recent transaction(s).This feature may or may not cost extra. Example: You purchase a pair of new shoes. The total amount for the shoes is $98.56. The […]

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ASSETS IN AUGUST $timulating Tips

For this month of August I want to introduce you to the word asset. Asset is something that you own free and clear that is of monetary value. For many adults, an asset can be a home, a car, or jewelry. How quickly you can turn something into cash may also be considered an asset. The […]

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education Finance/Careers Kids Who Hustle

JULY – Joint-Venture – $timulating Tips

We have now completed half the year of 2022. Look back at the previous six months and consider what you have learned. Also, consider any victories you have accomplished. We jumped into January with the S.M.A.R.T. Goals. In February, we learned that staying in the black is ‘where it’s at’ regarding our bank balances. In […]

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Greetings and blessings to everyone! We are at the half-way point in 2022! I want to take this month to reflect, appreciate and congratulate! Reflecting and expressing my sincere appreciation, to our ancestors. Their accomplishments, sacrifices and struggles, are what created many opportunities for us today. Please continue to set positive goals for yourself and […]

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Finance/Careers Kids Who Hustle

$timulating Tip for Teens

Minimize in May A strategy to assist with maximizing financial health is to understand your income and your expenses. We know what income is; any money received or earned. After you receive or earn money, often there are expenses that need to be paid. There are different types of expenses Fixed expenses: are the same […]

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Young Herstory Maker: Meet Miracle Daverne

Making Herstory doesn’t begin as an adult, for some exceptional youth you pave your own way in the beginning. Meet Singer, songwriter, dancer, model, and video director Miracle Daverne. Miracle has shown the world that the sky isn’t the limit when you put your mind to it. She has released 3 hit songs: “Masks On, […]

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