She’s Making Herstory: Meet Anastasia Jackson

She’s Making Herstory: Meet Anastasia Jackson

Anastasia A. Jackson loves writing. She has been writing since she was in grade school. She has two children, and she plans to show them the world. Anastasia’s free time is spent with her sons. During the day, she works in customer service. She writes every chance she gets. Anastasia’s imagination is very broad, she will envision something and bring it to life on paper.

Being able to sit down with women making Herstory in their lane of expertise is always amazing to us. We had the pleasure to catch up with Anastasia and ask her a few questions about her journey thus far.

What inspired your start in entrepreneurship?

My children inspired me to start entrepreneurship. My goal is to leave a legacy for them to become entrepreneurs as well.

What has been the highlight of your career thus far?

My highlight in my career thus far is being featured in SwagHer magazine. I am a really big fan of Tyler Perry and one of his actresses was featured in the same magazine. My thoughts “I am one step closer to meeting Tyler Perry”.

If you could tribute your success to any in your life who would it be?

I would tribute my success to my children and younger brother Brian. 

What message do you hope women take away from your platform?

I hope women take away it’s okay to be you. It’s okay to not feel okay and get up every day and rock it. 

What is your go-to quote for motivation?

“Work hard, play harder”

What does being a woman making Herstory mean to you?

 A woman making Herstory is a woman who never gave up. 

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