She’s Making Herstory: Meet Crystal Roman

Crystal Roman of The Black Latina Movement highlights the contributions and strides AfroLatina women have made in the entertainment industry. 

She does this through her film “Cecilia The Celibate” to shed new light on women of color and sexuality in the entertainment industry. The film follows the main character Cecilia Vasquez, a young woman who teams up with her two best friends to conquer her quest for love and happiness while staying true to her vow of celibacy. This romantic comedy explores the world of dating without the pressure of sexual intimacy and focuses on the development of a connection outside of the sexual realm.

BLM is a vibrant grassroots theater and film production company, dedicated to giving Black Latina actresses opportunities. BLM endeavors to make the entertainment industry culturally and artistically richer by showcasing the talents of black Latino men and women. Their goal is to produce, distribute, and promote content for the advancement of African and Latino cultures.

Being able to sit down with women making Herstory in their lane of expertise is always amazing to us. We had the pleasure to catch up with Crystal and ask her a few questions about her journey thus far.

What inspired your start in the Entertainment and Film Industry? 

After High School, I wanted to dive more into the arts. After 8 years in the industry, I realized there was a lack of representation which lead me to create the Black Latina Movement in 2008.

What has been the highlight of your career thus far? 

A highlight has been the opportunity to travel the country to different universities like the University of Oregon to Penn State University even the Smithsonian Institution performing my work. 

If you could tribute your success to any in your life who would it be? 

The strong Black Latinas in my life like my grandmother and my mother for giving me a strong foundation of self and what it looks like to navigate in a world that doesn’t quite understood you.  

What message do you hope women take away from your platform?

 The importance of perseverance and discipline. Having patience in your success and passion and if you lead with your talent and not money, it will all work in your favor with faith.

What is your go-to quote for motivation? 

Leave it in God’s hands.

What does being a woman making Herstory mean to you? 

Not taking no for an answer. Just because it has never been done before doesn’t mean you can’t do it.

Lastly, What are 5 Things Every Woman of Color Should Know About Working In Film And Entertainment? 

1. Ownership is Key 

2. Having a strong understanding of business

 3. Don’t be intimated that at times you are the only person of color in a room

 4. Don’t waiver on your non-negotiables 

5. Always continue to sharpen your craft. 

Jakia Cheatham - Myles

CEO/Founder of Pretty Women Hustle Magazine

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