She’s Making Herstory: Meet Jasmine Phinex

Leave a little sparkle wherever you go.
Jasmine Phinex, a Queens Native is enthusiastic about impacting the lives of those around her and making a difference within her community. She is a community leader, a social justice educator, wife of a veteran, and mother to her five-year-old daughter, her CO-CEO.

Jasmine often volunteers in her community to deliver food items, lead girl empowerment activities, or sits on panels to share her experience and expertise with others. Her greatest educational strengths include creating a positive classroom culture, implementing data-driven instructional practices, family empowerment initiatives, and community engagement.

Jasmine is determined to serve as the liaison to strengthen the home-school connection. During the pandemic, Jasmine was inspired by her daughter and along with her husband founded Serenity Nail Polish. They provide access to vegan nail polish which is safer, healthier, and chemical-free. The business also serves as a platform to inspire girls and women around the world.

Jasmine and her CO-CEO daughter have been featured in Black Wall Street, Stardom Magazine, Amsterdam News, and most recently appeared on the nationally syndicated Drew Barrymore talk show. Serenity Nail Polish is also sold in Wal- Mart. Jasmine’s goals are to continue to grow her family business, obtain additional funding, and diversify her business portfolio. She looks forward to establishing a nonprofit organization that empowers girls and women to be successful.

Being able to sit down with women making Herstory in their lane of expertise is always amazing to us. We had the pleasure to catch up with Jasmine and ask her a few questions about her journey thus far.

What inspired your start in entrepreneurship?
Every entrepreneur has that moment–an experience, an epiphany, getting fired, getting desperate, getting fed up; getting lucky enough to have the right mentor–that inspired them to someday become an entrepreneur. For me, it was my mother. Seeing how hard she worked and her instilling the value of hard work in us from a young age was my greatest inspiration to want more, and do more and I pushed myself to do just that! My husband and I wanted to create more opportunities for our daughter.

What has been the highlight of your career thus far?
Our biggest highlight has been getting our Nail Polish up and running and off the ground. We founded Serenity Nail Polish during the pandemic, through a lot of uncertainty and fear. There have been several highlights for us such as: Being on the Drew Barrymore show, Official Black Wall Street, Amsterdam News, Walmart online, and our Newest partnership with Sweet and Sassy!

If you could tribute your success to any in your life who would it be?
I tribute the success of my life to my mother. My Mom has inspired me since the day I was born. She truly has the biggest heart in the world and has a way of making everybody she encounters feel so special. When I think of her and her contagious energy, I’m inspired to sprinkle her positivity on the people around me. She has taught me that even the smallest acts of kindness can go a long way. Hard work, dedication, and kindness will take you a long way. Thank you mom for instilling such values in me!

What message do you hope women take away from your platform?

“Always aim high, work hard, and care deeply about what you believe in. And, when you stumble, keep the faith. And, when you’re knocked down, get right back up and never listen to anyone who says you can’t or shouldn’t go on.” “Don’t let anyone speak for you, and don’t rely on others to fight for you.”

What is your go-to quote for motivation?
You are allowed to slow down but you MUST keep going! Life has its way of presenting its challenges but stay the course and walk in your purpose, you will never falter.

What does being a woman making Herstory mean to you?
Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone has a passion or a unique skill set and quality to share. The courage of women in past generations and to celebrate how their efforts and bravery afforded women the opportunities and freedoms they have today. It is the reason why I have the ability to do what I do! Making Herstory / My story is not only paving the way for generations to come but also inspiring others around me to do the same.

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