Ambitious is the word for Christianna Hurt

Christianna Hurt, is a seven figure-college graduate, travel and fashion influencer, who founded WealthyCollegeKid, and is the sole owner of it . Her online journey started on April 5th, 2016 the day she was fired from not one but multiple jobs.  She specializes in online traffic being driven toward e-commerce brands she has built over the last three years making multiple six figures in revenue monthly. Christianna, currently has over 50,000 thousand students enrolled in her digital courses, over 1,000 reviews of student success from her brand, Grossing her continuous network at 11 million. Now at just the age of 27 years old, Christianna has become a strong female entrepreneur and influencer on social media as well as being the face of eight figure brand The Boss Palace doing 10.4 million in 2020. In 2021, Christianna was inducted into the Forbes The Next 1000 class, making her inspirations to make the Forbes 30 Under 30 Class even bigger. Throughout her career she has helped create six-figure earners that expanded into brands of their own, as well as men and women who have been able to retire comfortably from the job they have worked all their life.  Recently, Christianna has also created a children’s clothing brand in honor of her tragic miscarriage in 2018 due to domestic violence, and she is now the owner of fantasy candles. 

If you could use five words to describe yourself, what would they be?
Consistency, Confident, Transparency, Durable, and Progression

When did you develop your passion and interest in entrepreneurship?
I never had a passion for entrepreneurship, to be honest with you, or any interest. I had bills that needed to be paid and another job had fired me. I was scared, stressed, and pressed for cash and I only had a few weeks. Like a photo, I developed in the dark, the darkest moments and times of my life are what pushed me to progress into the woman I am today. It’s so inspiring today to look at me and see the finished product but once upon a time, it was just straight desperation. I’m passionate about my sanity peace and happiness and I feel like what interested me was the authority over my life and the situations I got myself into being able to get myself out of.

What inspired the Wealthy College Kid brand?
I couldn’t think of a name to save my life, so I ended up looking in the mirror and trying to describe what I am Vs what I was basically at the time I was a broke college kid and I didn’t want to be rich because the word rich just seems short term to me. Wealth seemed like a lifetime difference in income so I described future me as a wealthy college kid.

You have navigated the workforce and entered entrepreneurship while staying true to yourself. What has been the biggest challenge thus far in your entrepreneurship journey?
Honestly maintaining social skills it’s easy for me to get consumed with texting and typing rather than using my words to communicate in real life. I’ve always struggled using my words to express my emotions my feelings in real life because I’m spending so much time online. And understanding money management and taxes making sure I do everything by the book and correctly.

What did your years in the workforce teach you about entrepreneurship and running your own business?
My workforce was serving captain and coke to beg for 20$ tips before happy hour ended, to be frank with you. But what it did teach me was presentation I’m very camera friendly and well-spoken on camera and in interviews, I think that played a part.

What tips do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to start their own companies?
Consistency is the best tip because you can outlast the competition you can learn so much from trying everything possible and putting as much as you can in with your time before you ever must spend money.

What would you say is the key to longevity in entrepreneurship?
Consistency and the pure drive of having a work ethic.

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles?
My definition of a woman who hustles is a woman who carries herself at the highest level possible while maintaining income-producing productivity.

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