Queen Latifah: The Queen On and Off Camera


Dana Elaine Owens who is better known as Queen Latifah has made quite the impact not only in Hollywood but to millions of women of color. Personally, I don’t remember a show, movie, or real-life interview of hers where I wasn’t left thinking “I wish I was as confident as her”.
Allegedly, her nickname “Latifah” was given to her at the age of 8 by her Muslim cousin, which means “delicate and sensitive” in Arabic.

This is clearly different than the characters she played or even how she is in real life. This isn’t to say that it’s not true. The way I see it is at some point in her life she was perceived as being “delicate and sensitive” and looking for those role models who could inspire her. She grew up to become an inspiration herself, to millions and broke barriers for women of color in the entertainment industry.
Right now, she is starring in this amazing show called “The Equalizer” and not only is she lighting up the TV with explosive female empowerment she is working alongside her female co-star Liza Lapira who is equally as empowering. This show screams empowering, motivating, and bada**. I highly recommend you watch it.
In 2021, Queen Latifah received “The Lifetime Achievement Award” at the BET awards and during her speech said, ”Together we stand stronger than when we tear each other apart”. Society has this way of having women compete against each other instead of raising each other up. Anytime I see Queen Latifah in interviews she exudes this powerful and empowering energy that makes women feel like we can work together to build a better future. As women in business, we face struggle after struggle to keep them going and thriving. We need to work together by forming relationships with others in and out of our business niche.
Queen Latifah continues to empower with her words, her shows, and her movies. If you haven’t seen much of her work then now is time to catch up. This is the time more than ever to feel courageous, empowered, and like a BOSS!

There is no one like her and remember there is no one like you!


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