“Like A Boss” Mixing Business with Friendship

“Like A Boss” Mixing Business with Friendship

Recently I got the chance to watch “Like A Boss” and my opinion changed significantly after I had finished watching it. I had always figured that trouble will find you when you start mixing friendship with business. You start noticing your friend’s unhealthy business habits and they start to notice yours (yes, you have them). Now, what I learned from this movie is that regardless of these habits the truest friendship CAN survive.

Tiffany Haddish and Rose Byrne star as Mia and Mel; ride or die best friends. Like most businesses built on friendship, Mia and Mel dreamed of working together. On the surface, it was rainbows and sunshine but Mia is spontaneous, generous, and not real money-focused. Mel is a people pleaser and keeps all financial struggles to herself so that Mia doesn’t worry. Firecracker, Claire (played by Salma Hayek) is determined to break this friendship apart and prove that a friendship cannot survive in business.
Continue reading at your own risk…spoilers ahead

After watching the movie, I concluded that there are different types of friendship and often the ones that fizzle out weren’t ever meant to be. Once “friends” start taking advantage of your generosity or only talking about your business when it benefits them, that’s when you realize that what you were holding onto wasn’t a friendship.

As much as I knew that this movie would end all wrapped up in a pretty bow, I was shocked to see what they went through to get to that point. Friendship is never more important than money and fame but it’s interesting how quickly we could lose sight of that. Working together as friends is just like a marriage, it won’t be successful without completely open and honest communication.

Being a friend, especially to other businesses, believe it or not, can actually benefit you in the long run. You create lasting bonds with people, you meet others in your niche that can help you when you are struggling, and you show others that there is a heart behind your brand.
I highly recommend this movie for many reasons but the biggest for me would be that it inspires you to keep going, even after you have been kicked to the ground and you feel like there is no way out. Fight for your businesses like you would fight to save that ride-or-die friendship.

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