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There’s a reason Linda Boston has been inducted into the National Women’s History Museum under Chronicles of American Women: Your History Makers ( As a performing, literary, and teaching artist Linda reminds us that every time we do what we do, we teach somebody something and we serve someone something in some way. Her friends and family will agree that acting has been the fiber of Linda’s being since she was a child. With that in mind, she has gained decades of experience and recognition for her appearance in numerous commercials, theater, TV, and film. As a Chicago native and longtime resident of the Metro Detroit area, her broadcasting background precedes her as an industrial and commercial voice and on-camera talent, and jingle and parody song talent for radio and TV.

Linda is certainly remembered as a “Professional Woman” for almost a decade in the internationally acclaimed GFour Production of “Menopause the Musical” and can be remembered for her performance as “Mother Shaw” in The Alabama Shakespeare Festival production of “Crowns”. Additionally, her performance in the highly recognized and awarded one-woman show, “Moms Mabley: The Naked Truth” and as Ella Fitzgerald in “How High The Moon: Sarah, Ella & Pops”, remain requested fan favorites. Midwesterners may remember her as one of the requested vocalists for the Detroit Mayoral Inauguration, the 52nd NAACP Fight for Freedom Fund Dinner, various Detroit area jazz clubs, and Chicago’s well-known Lonie Walker’s Underground Wonderbar. Take time to check out her inspirational jazz CD “Permission: The Power Of Being” available virtually everywhere.

Mentoring and teaching young artists remains dear to her heart. She has received numerous awards for collaborating with other artists via community service non-profit organizations like The Galef Institute, The Kennedy Center’s VSA special needs programs, StateraArts, and her own PEER Inc (Portable Educational and Entertainment Repertoire). Her long-standing commitment has garnered her being featured in Beverly Gandara’s international award-winning book entitled “Women, Work, and Triumph: Interviews with Fascinating Women”.

When someone asks her, “How can we achieve positive, everlasting change?” Linda says, “Realize we must think universally AND intuitively, accept that we are all connected, and know we are the change we seek. Ase’.”‘

What has been your greatest achievement thus far in your entrepreneurial journey? 

Some people might say going from high school talent shows, to performing in a small community theater and then to a larger one, to developing a 501c3 non-profit organization, to acting in professional films and series is quite a feat. I might agree with that as well. However, knowing “self”/myself is the greatest gift (achievement) I have reached over the past two decades. It has allowed me to consciously embrace the joy of gratitude and its guiding force. It has helped me to mentor, teach and encourage others with confidence and clarity. And it gives me those ah-ha moments of knowing what type of class and/or training I need to acquire for continued growth and why. 

 What obstacles have you overcome to get where you are today?

Patience in ALL things is something I have had to accept and learn. Sometimes we can be our own worst critic or enemy. I have come to realize that I am what I am looking for, to achieve a particular goal. When I am frustrated I have to remember, that there is a lesson here for me to learn. Now I know the importance of stopping, sitting quietly, and listening. Reality will show me what I need to do to get over that ‘hump’.

What role has social media played in your career?

Whew-weee….Now there’s a doozy! Well, social media has helped me to move forward, circulate information quickly and share my skills in a particular industry. However, sometimes social media can be distracting and demanding at the same time. I guess, at this point, I’ve realized, that we may not want to live with it but we can’t live without it. I’m a million years old so I will ALWAYS need some young wonderful person to help me navigate through the sands of social media. You can bet I will stay in my lane and let folks do their job, while I do mine. I had an Instagram interview with Courtney Starks last month. He could hear me but it literally took three minutes for him to ‘see’ me. Thank God for my daughter, who came in and pushed one button to make it all happen. Yep, I promise I will stay in my lane.

  What advice do you have for women entering the entrepreneurship world? 

If I can spend a moment here, know that at one point impatience had me move out of time, causing things to not operate optimally.  Seed, time and harvest are essential.  When a seed is planted we don’t pull it out of the ground to see how or if it’s growing.  We give it time, feed/nurture it and wait for the harvest.   I had to stop and check out what was happening in, around and through me.  I had to realize what other people were calling ‘success’ on my path, mattered to them and them only.  Not to me.   Success is relative and it is ever evolving.  Then I remembered my wonderful family and what they taught me over the years.  They reminded me of the importance to trust ME, my-SELF and I.  I’m older now so I cherish the magnificent teachings and guidance of minister and life coach, Rev. Greta Counts of Unity South Atlanta ( where I am able to share my gifts regularly.  I realize the value of brainstorming and thinking things through with my ‘sisters’  like actress, inventor, writer and mentor Darla Davenport-Powell ( These people cradle me as I move forward on my path. Resources abound, so we should access and reach out for everything we need.  For example I may access the services of my ‘sister’, psychologist and reiki master, Dr. Jamela Franklin of Oyinde Enterprises (  I may calm my energy with my ‘brother’ Master Shaman Rah of Oracles Touch (  Then divinely, I will receive a perfectly timed text and/or tips on healing herbs from my cousin and master teacher Lord H. Sharif (  There are a host of ‘gifted’ individuals operating in their purpose on YouTube like Deepak Chopra, Paula Hurlock (I Never Knew TV), Sadhguru, Thich Nhat Hanh, Hans Wilhelm, Moojiji, Florence Scovel Shinn, Dare To Do Motivation…the list goes on and on.  Last but not least, I will never forget how author and mentor, Beverly Gandara ( reached back to pull me forward.  She brings tears to my eyes every time I think of her because what she has done, reaffirms the necessity for me to do the same.  All of this gives me ‘soul satisfaction’ on my journey.  It solidifies what the Creator has given me and I will remain eternally grateful for all of it.  

I was told, very early in my career to do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.  That is absolutely true.  So, I tell everyone  prayer (talking), meditation (listening), journaling and scripting are essential to manifestation.  Then take time to  observe who would be a great mentor for you as you move forward.  Everything is divinely placed in your life.  For example: It was 1998 in Detroit.  I was preparing for the one woman show “Moms Mabley: The Naked Truth” when the director assigned Keegan Michael Key as my mentor and coach for comedic timing.  The show sold out for over two and a half years and changed my career…forever!  Today, Keegan is at the top of his game as a tremendously talented man, but more importantly, our connection was not by accident.  We were placed together on purpose.  Again, I will remain eternally grateful for the journey, the experience and the universe.

Study what you want to do (or are already doing) in depth.  Study why you are doing it.   Know who you’re doing business with, remembering that it takes time to develop and observe relationships. More importantly, KNOW your-SELF.  I literally wrote a song “Know Thyself” which you can hear on my YouTube channel, but in addition to this, when you listen to my CD “PERMISSION: The Power Of Being”, you will hear me sing about many of these things. 

I can’t say it enough.  We have purpose, so we must realize the importance of thinking universally AND intuitively.  We must accept with an open mind, that we are all connected if we want to see change…because WE ARE the CHANGE we seek. Ase’.

What inspired your start in theatre and music?

In the early days of TV and relying on radio as a form of entertainment I was fascinated by the many variations of creativity I saw and/or heard. Hearing commercials on the radio or seeing them on TV captivated my attention, making me want to inquire more. That’s one of the reasons I was a communications major in high school and college, which landed me in broadcasting post-college graduation. But doing voice-over work at that small country station in the southwest part of Michigan made me pay attention to how actors delivered their lines in every other medium. Get this. The general manager of the radio station I was working for told me I couldn’t do voice-over work because I needed to know how to act. Well, once you tell me I can’t, I have to show myself I can. That lead to moving to the southeast part of the state to work in radio and to go to see shows at places like the Detroit Repertory Theater, The Fox, and more. Once I found out the Detroit Rep was offering acting classes, I was all in and the rest is history.

If you could tribute your success and love for the art to one person or thing who would it be and why? 

My family. Many of them were/are performers as well. They have always seen my ‘animated’ character and remained encouraging while helping me to develop it, all the way. From singing to acting to writing…it is in our DNA. I am just remaining true to form.

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