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Becoming Flawesome: Kristina Mand-Lakhiani Pens New Book That Inspires,Uplifts and Encourages Entrepreneurs

You can imagine the joy in my heart when I read a book dedicated to helping women dive into who they indeed are beyond the surface. This book is 280 pages filled with inspiration, encouragement, and reflection. Kristina serves as your therapist in a genie bottle while giving you hope that happiness, joy, and peace […]

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Working Moms

** Trigger Warning: Show contains very heavy subject matter.** Juggling motherhood with work is not new information. For decades, women have been piling things on their plate (often not by choice) while everyone applauds them. “I don’t know how she does it”, they say. So how come no one says, “why does she have to […]

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“Jennifer Lopez – Halftime” A two-part review

Hello Pretty Women Hustle readers! I’m changing things up for you today. Typically, I do a review on something I have already watched but what I wanted to try now is doing a two-part review – before and after I watch it. They say to never meet your heroes because you might be disappointed and […]

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“Like A Boss” Mixing Business with Friendship

Recently I got the chance to watch “Like A Boss” and my opinion changed significantly after I had finished watching it. I had always figured that trouble will find you when you start mixing friendship with business. You start noticing your friend’s unhealthy business habits and they start to notice yours (yes, you have them). […]

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