Healthy Snacks on the GO…

A Quick Healthy Reminder on what the body needs during the Summer.

Dehydration is what many fear during the summer months. Keeping fluids in your body throughout the day can help dodge this type of health issue.  High temperatures can cause you to not only sweat and become tired but led to a stroke. Suggestions for good energy source. 

  • Spring Water.
  • Vitamin Water.
  • Gatorade. 

Adding cut up lemons, cucumbers or other fruits and veggies can help detox toxins produced within your body during the day.

Food is an excellent source of energy to help fight the heat. Unfortunately everybody’s metabolism is different so for the “I gotta watch my figure” but I’m also always hungry during the day folks. A few suggestions for small portion snacks to help with hunger are;

Fruits  & Snacks.       

  • Bite size Watermelon.
  • Red Cherries.
  • Fresh Peppers.
  • Dried Tomatoes.
  • Chex Mix.
  • Walnuts, Pecans.
  • Pretzels.
  • Dried Cereal.

Every state is different and stores offer different varieties of produce and items. However, the best place to shop is at a fresh natural Market within your city that’s available to the public. 


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