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Pretty Women Hustle had the exclusive opportunity to speak with these phenomenal Men Who Hustle hard daily, about what defines a father figure and what words of encouragement they say to keep themselves motivated.

Musician, Fashion Designer, and Creative Director PanamaDaPrince

What are your words of encouragement?
My words of encouragement are that regardless of what inconvenience you’re faced with, you have to transcend every obstacle. Just because you get knocked down, that doesn’t mean that you have to stay there.

What do you tell yourself to keep motivated?
To keep myself motivated, I always reassure myself of my higher purpose and that I’m always on borrowed time. This allows me to fully utilize my time and potential, even in the moments that I may have my doubts.

What defines a father figure?
A father figure is someone who can effectively be a positive role model, instill morals and values into a younger individual, and have a healthy balance between teaching discipline and expressing love.

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Celebrity DJ / TV Network owner The Franchise Jay Claxton

What are your words of encouragement?
Life happens you have to focus on your goals. Determine to be consistent to the path that God has for you. It will not be easy but it will be worth it.

Do you say to yourself to keep motivated?
I remind myself that I control my narrative and as a father and public figure there are people who grow from my strength.
It is my job to push through. Surrounding myself with positivity and wisdom.

What defines a father figure?
I am a father figure not because I have kids but because my heart allows me to want to teach , want to help, want to giveback. I am a father figure best the love inside of me positions me to protect and provide.

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 Author/Speaker Ricky Kidd 

What are your words of encouragement ?

My words of encouragement is to let people know that tough times don’t last forever! But tough people do! That we all will go through a storm in our lives but that we also will get through them. It takes Mindset Mindset Mindset; just like what I applied inside my 23 year wrongful conviction; reminding myself, “It’s not where you are Ricky, it’s where you’re going!”

What do you say to yourself to keep motivated?

The words I use to motivate myself are the same that I give to others! “Today you will beat the odds, you will redefine possibilities and you will make the most of anything negative or positive in your life!” It’s word medicine that I take daily! My life is proof that it works!

What defines a father figure ? 

A Father Figure to me is someone who is in a unique position to offer guidance throughout life. An individual who has discovered some best example for another person to follow or model after. A Father Figure isn’t someone who is perfect to me, yet someone who offers a perfect heart that cares and a precise mind that elevates.

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Entrepreneur and Author Corey Cofield 

What are your words of encouragement, you say to yourself to keep motivated?

To motivate myself I tend to look and focus on my passions. I keep my mind on what I love knowing that what I love and are passionate about will create my provision.
I keep the perspective that I’m continually growing a little by little.
Stagnation creates depression as long as I keep the perspective that I’m moving forward day by day it keeps me motivated and even more happy with life.

What defines a father figure?

In my perspective a true father figure is a person that’s willing to be transparent in his growth in the face of his children.

To be vulnerable to let them know that we all make mistakes no one‘s perfect but a real man stands and continues to go no matter what…even when we fall we jump back up anxious and enthusiastic about trying again.

Being a father figure is being there, being honest about your true feelings and being vulnerable enough to sometimes cry. It encompasses the whole thing.

Lastly a father figure is a nurturer and a provider and most of all the protector!

Pretty Women Hustle is not just for women. We feature men who are leading the charge as well.

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Celebrity Makeup artist Jose Clark-Hilery

What are your words of encouragement?
Don’t ever settle for less than what you are worth! Know that you are worth more than anyone can add value to!

What do you tell yourself to keep motivated?
I pray every day for God to give me continued strength in keeping me motivated.

What defines a father figure?
A father isn’t necessarily the person who helped to give you life but the one who raised you taught you the morals, values and assured that you were taught life’s lessons on how to be a good person to others, how to be a good father/mother, etc.

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Truth Coach Randy

What are your words of encouragement?

I focus on past trauma within the story. Clinically I have colleagues that I refer to. But in my line of work, I want everyone to always remember.


To be more thorough let me explain my process.

Truth Coach Randy is a person that truly believes the world is made better one person at a time by focusing on past traumas that have had a major effect on people’s mental state. The answer lies within each person’s story that needs to be addressed through the eyes of the storyteller as the main character. This is the only way to get answers, you have to be okay with addressing what really affects you without the fear of another’s opinion. I help people to put themselves completely 1st without the fear of others’ feelings. This is important and actually comes from my battle with trauma. I once protected my immediate family from the trauma I faced because I did not want to rattle the picture that had been painted. The problem was I was suffering from depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts while I waited on someone to be concerned with what I thought about how my life was going. It was never going to happen and I eventually found myself raising my children in the same manner until I saw that sad little kid that I was in them. That was my breaking point when I had to choose my future over continuing to wait on different results from my past. The past was not going to change and it was upon me to change the narrative and let the chips fall as they may because the most important thing at that crossroad was my children understanding that opportunities are limitless and it is not fair to their father to create boundaries due to his past trauma. So that is what I do. I help people face past trauma by allowing them to tell their stories, from their perspective, and without boundaries or fear. Then they can pull out the trauma moments regardless of the style and start to address them. This helps them to find ways to implement change into their life so that a new journey can begin without the baggage. This is when the manifestation of the new way comes into fruition creating the new you that will be implemented into the world without regret. It is important to know that lies are more than stories, they are the traumatic moments you just accept instead of facing and then living with the results. Live in the truth which is the version of you that makes you happy. See we only get one chance at this so why not ensure that you are getting your complete fulfillment if that means shedding pieces of the past you thought you could not live without then I believe that is just how it has to be because your future depends on it.

Do you say to yourself to keep motivated?

I wake up with the same mentality and the same control understanding that the truth doesn’t fluctuate, it is either true or not true no middle ground. The truth always creates a solid foundation no matter the results of the situation and it will always strengthen, encourage, and guide you in the right direction.

What defines a father figure?

A real father figure protects, considers the best interests of those he is protecting, talks to them about things they should be aware of, and puts important lessons into place.
He’ll teach them about the consequences of making wrong choices and instill a sense of character development in them.

A real father figure does not see affection as a weakness but instead encourages affection as one of the most important qualities one can possess

A real father figure is honest, will not betray, and will always be there when trouble arises.
A real father figure is patient, open-minded, a good listener, and can give unbiased advice understanding the importance of helping one to know how to find his or her own way.
Ultimately a real father figure knows and implements the importance of treating girls and women with respect and leading others to do the same. See if a woman is treated correctly: physical, emotionally, and verbally the example will be set for those watching to do the same

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Music Artist J Menace

What are your words of encouragement?
If not you, then who? If not now, then when? Your life is not to be dictated to you while you go through the motions. Na….the most powerful weapon you have is freedom of choice. Choose intently, choose wisely, and choose without regret.

Do you say to yourself to keep motivated?
I remind myself of what I want. I repeat to myself multiple times a day. I remind myself to never be satisfied. Satisfaction comes when work is complete. I got a lot left to accomplish.

What defines a father figure?
In my opinion, a man that loves his children (biological or not) without conditions. Understanding that Love comes in different forms, also a man willing to express that love intentionally and without conditions on multiple levels.

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