Meet The Six Figure Beauty Brand Creator Monti Kelly

After moving to Atlanta, serial entrepreneur, Monti Kelly, decided to start a beauty brand Flavor Beauty Bar / iLash Flavor out of boredom. Little did she know, it would take off and become a six-figure business! Since relocating in 2016, Kelly has opened up and maintained two locations in the Metro Atlanta area. She has continued to improve and excel in her skill set as an Esthetician so that she can share her knowledge with others in the industry. 

Kelly has traveled all over the United States, empowering and encouraging women to follow their dreams, “Become your own boss”, and take that leap of faith into the beauty industry. 

What inspired your start in entrepreneurship? 

Since I was young, I’ve always had small businesses. The first business I had at 13 was a hair business. I did everyone’s weaves and braids in the city I grew up in. When I graduated high school, I went to college and started working, no longer doing hair. After working for years and having multiple side businesses, I started to feel like I was wasting my time at my job and I can use that time to work on my business. I decided to take a leap of faith and become a full-time entrepreneur – within my first month as an entrepreneur I made over $50,000.

Tell us about your brand Flavor Beauty Bar/ iLash Flavor. 

Shortly after moving to Atlanta, Georgia, I decided that I wanted to get back into the Beauty industry. I started my brand, iLash Flavor, shortly after I started doing eyelash extensions. After being in a salon suite for a few months, I decided to look for my own salon and once I was able to secure it, I named it Flavor Beauty Bar. The brand iLash Flavor is specific to eyelash extensions and eyelash education services. I train people how to properly apply their eyelash extensions all over the United States. I also ship quality products all over the world. The brand Flavor Beauty Bar is an all-around beauty brand. At the salon, we do laser hair removal, facials, chemical peels, body contouring, teeth whitening, and much more.

What Products do you currently offer within your company, do you have any summer top picks?

 Flavor Beauty Bar currently offers our skincare line called Body Flavor. We have serums, all-natural and organic soaps, turmeric brightening masks, and other medical-grade products. My summer pics are out Vitamin C C-Glow serum and our Ageless Hyaluronic Acid serum. During the summer months, your skin tends to get damaged by the sun, so the Vitamin C C-Glow Serum helps brighten and protect your skin and our Ageless Serum helps moisturize your skin and keep it plump.

Owning and operating two locations takes a lot of dedication and hard work, what has been the key to your success?

 The key to my success is to make things as easy as possible. I have a very detailed online website, so no one really has to call to book any services or classes unless they absolutely want to. My website is very easy to navigate and it will answer any questions that you may have before you come in to be serviced or book any training. The next thing that makes my business successful is that we are always professional and personable. When a client comes to any of my locations or takes any of the trainings I offer, they will always feel welcomed and comfortable. Lastly, my biggest key to success is never giving up and always working towards making things better.

What advice do you have for new entrepreneurs looking to enter the beauty industry specifically? 

The biggest advice I would give is do not come into the beauty industry thinking that it’s going to be easy. Nothing in life is easy. You will have highs and lows, but if you really want to do this – you can never give up. Things change, mistakes are made, and you just have to learn from all of them and keep going. Behind each lesson is a blessing. There have been times when I’ve barely been making it, but I never gave up because I know what my business can be. Another word of advice that I would like to give is just because someone else is doing it that doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for you to do the same exact thing. There are so many people on this earth, one person cannot serve everyone.

Where do you hope to see your platform in the next 3-5 years?

 In the next 3 to 5 years, I want to have multiple locations all over the United States. At a minimum, I want five more locations and I see it as possible with hard work and dedication. I also want to provide more education on beauty services and make my newest brand, Laser Flavor, a worldwide brand.

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles? 

Someone that is resilient, someone that does not give up, and someone that is open to growth and change.

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