Screenwriter/Filmmaker Antione M. Way

I had the pleasure of interviewing the talented, successful Mr. Antione M. Way. Way is bringing awareness of gun violence among our youth through film. I had the pleasure of watching “My Shattered Life” and the message to our young men and women was needed.

What was the inspiration behind AWay Productions and the film My Shattered Life?

I came up with the name AWay Productions back in college when I was a student at Liberty University. I was sitting in my dorm thinking of a business name for my production company. At the time I was not in filming nor was I acting during that time. I wanted to create a name for the things that I produced such as floor plan designs, logos, graphics etc. Well, at least I thought that’s why I created the name, but I believe God was planting the seed in me to use it for what he had for me in the future. Fast forward, I left my corporate job to start my own business. I opened a few successful businesses, but my love for the arts always presented itself. I started back acting landing a lead role as a corrupt mayor while doing so, I did extra roles in Wilmington North Carolina and Atlanta Georgia. I also produced a mystery dinner theater with my brother and sister-in-law. As I went on with life it seemed like the arts kept “calling me” as they say and through the motivation of my good friend Aaliyah, she would say “do it” away “you should start filming…I have…”. So, I was hyped to start filming, so I started buying equipment to start my journey as a videographer. I started filming music videos at first but found that was not my real passion. I was thinking late one night in my office, what’s next and I thought about writing and producing a movie. I just did want to make any film but make a film that would impact the viewers. Due to losing two cousins to gun violence around that time, I wanted to start by bringing awareness to gun violence. I started thinking about me growing up in Spring Lake, my friends or kids in the community to start building characters. I began writing my first short film called “Lake Boyz” the name was later changed to “Shattered” which was released as “My Shattered Life”. The movie was originally going to follow 4 male teenagers, later it was changed to 3 young men and a girl to bring diversity to the film. The group of friends were trying to keep one of their friends from falling to “the street life”.   I had my main cast in mind, so I needed to go ahead and write the script, to give to them. I started writing around midnight and by the next morning, as the sun rise, I went from a short film idea to writing a full-length one-hundred-page script. The next day I started sending scripts out to my cast members.

What challenges did you overcome to get where you are today?

Pertaining to the film, not having the production education nor experience was challenging. Scheduling conflicts, recasting, reshooting, productions delays, and limited production assistance were other challenges I face. I educated myself through trial and error, fixed the issues and kept perusing my dreams to complete what we started.

What inspired your passion for writing?

As early as elementary school I would love to write stories, songs and poems. I remember sitting in the living room performing a rap song or a love song, making my little brother and cousin perform with me. Somedays, I would be in school writing stories that I make up in my head, just to make the day go by. Writing was always an outlet for me, it was my escape from my reality and something I could control through my thoughts of creating stories, I could control the narrative.

How do we access your new film and or any of your projects? How can others support you and your business endeavors?

Visiting my website WWW.ANTIONEWAY.COM is the best way to connect and stay up to date. Our new movie “My Shattered Life” is currently streaming on Tubi. On 7/26, the movie will be listed on Amazon, Vudu and Hoopla.

What tips do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to break into the film industry?

Planning, Preparation, and Produce your work. Sometimes we plan but we don’t prepare ourselves. Sometimes we plan and prep but never act on what we said we’re going to do. So, I would advise people to go ahead and do it. Whoever is reading this article you’re walking into a season of just “do it” stop waiting, stop making up excusing…time waits on no one. So, walk in your purpose today, let no man nor situation stop you from living your dreams. Every successful person on this earth lives under this thing we call time & space for opportunity. You must figure out how you can use that same time and space for opportunity for your purpose. Networking and asking questions are a must. Through networking it allowed me access with individuals that could help with my project. Never being afraid to ask a question helped me with this movie. For an example, asking owners if we could film in their establishments helped. People can only say “yes” or “no” and don’t let the no’s stop you, find another avenue to help reach your goals.

What can we expect to see from you next?

Currently we’re wrapping up The Winter Prophecy written & created by Quincy Lucas. This story follows a contract killer trying to find his true nature of his profession and the role he plays in the war against demonic forces.

Face of America is a documentary in partnership with R.E.K. Productions that will tell a story through the perspective of leaders and citizens of America nation-wide from the start of covid and everything in between. This will include politics, economic and the racial injustice and how we can move forward as a nation.

What is your definition of a Man who hustles?

A man who hustles must have willpower, determination and a top tier work ethic. Those traits will give you the ability to make things happen.

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Natashia Crumpler Bobbitt

Natashia Bobbitt is a Paraprofessional in the mental health field. Originally from Fayetteville, NC, she relocated to Augusta, GA in 2017. She is recently obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Social Work. Natashia is a Mother, Writer, Filmmaker, Producer, and Certified Mental Health Coach who believes, you can accomplish anything when your passion meets purpose. Natashia has been a writer for over 20 years. Natashia Bobbitt is a Playwright turned Filmmaker whose play “The Words I didn’t Say” was selected and performed in Los Angeles, CA. She now has a short film streaming on Amazon Prime titled “Intoxicant” and multiple projects that are in various development stages. Natashia has been blessed to have healed from situations in her life and gifted to show others how to heal.

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