Thriving Through The Storm: Meet Lindsey Walker

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Lindsey Walker, a product of faith, ambition and strength, is the Founder of Walker + Associates Media Group. Her love for connecting brands with consumers and the media alike led her to a career in public relations.

Working with brands such as 135th Street Agency, BET, Interscope Records, National Geographic , K Camp, FX Networks, to name a few and securing press in today’s top tier publications, TV Networks and more. Lindsey has established herself as an expert in the world of PR, branding and entrepreneurship.

A proud  member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc, Lindsey is also a Stage IV Cancer Survivor, wellness advocate and the author of “Thriving Through The Storm”.

Imagine being an entrepreneur, creating your own opportunities and building the dream life that you’ve always wanted, only to be hit with a major blow: diagnosed with Stage IV cancer at the age of 27!

That’s exactly what happened to Lindsey Walker, CEO and Lead Publicist of Walker + Associates Media Group. She allowed her work to become bigger than her health and eventually found herself paying the ultimate price. After 6 months of chemotherapy, Lindsey decided to begin her own journey of healing and her new book “Thriving Through The Storm” is a result of that.

In the book, Lindsey shares the challenges of enduring six months of chemotherapy and discusses how her diagnosis changed her perspective on life, love, and entrepreneurship. Lindsey wrote the book specifically for women to find encouragement despite the dire circumstances that life can bring. “Thriving Through The Storm” is available now on Amazon. Check out the trailer here.  

Outside of entrepreneurship, being a publicist and now author, what four words would you use to describe yourself?

Woman of God, Drive, Ambitious, Loving. 

Tell us a little bit about who Lindsey Walker is and how you got your start in PR.

I am a woman of faith who is learning to thrive through each and every storm that comes her way. I am walking in my purpose, on a mission to build and leave a legacy for generations to come. I got my start in PR technically in 2008, when I became a part of the Minority Journalism workshop. I’ve always loved journalism and writing but I found my passion in public relations during that time and decided to major in Mass Comm with an emphasis in Public Relations from Jackson State University. From there I had a plethora of internships and decided to start my own boutique agency three months after graduation. 

Can you walk us through the moment you were notified you had cancer, what shifted for you in relation to family life, business, etc?

When I was diagnosed with Stage IV Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2018, I immediately had to take time to process what happened. Once I accepted my then diagnosis and treatment plan, I learned the art of delegation. As a solopreneur in previous seasons, going through 6 months of chemotherapy forced me to build a team to support me. I rested when I felt I needed to and worked when I could. My family was very loving and supportive.

Who or what was your support system during this time?

God. My faith in Him increased and never waivered although at times I was afraid and disappointed. My family and close friends were supportive as well. During this time, I truly leaned on my faith, prayer life, and close spiritual counsel to see me through.

When did you realize your experience and testimony needed to be shared?

I think I realized it at the point of diagnosis. I’ve always been a pretty transparent entrepreneur and I wanted to take people along the journey with me. It was a bit therapeutic and a coping mechanism for me. 

What message do you hope women take away from your new book?

I hope women understand that they can thrive through anything and their circumstances do not define them. So often as women we tend to lose our identity in the roles and positions. We let them dictate our lives until a major disruption happens. We must understand we are not superwoman. Superwoman is a myth. We are humans who need to be filled constantly with love, grace, support, and encouragement daily. 

What did this experience teach you in reference to entrepreneurship and business?

It taught me to say goodbye to grind culture. Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart and it has many highs and lows, but as an entrepreneur, I am a disservice to my clients and my team if I am frustrated, tired, and burnt out. I also learned about the importance of processes, contingency plans, and having systems in place so that my business can run without me 

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles? 

A Pretty Woman Who Hustles is a woman who is aware of both her inner and outer beauty. She operates with grace, integrity, and kindness while unapologetically being an authority figure in all that she does. 

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