A Love-Discovery App Unlike Any Other Lady MatchMaker: Meet Founder Karolina Swierk

Founded in 2021, Lady Matchmaker is a love-discovery app unlike any other. Part dating app, part matchmaking service, Lady Matchmaker is on a mission to help individuals throughout the world explore the dating world, meet wonderful new people, and find real love – all without the fear, frustration, and danger of catfishing. 

Hi Pretty Women Hustle, I’m Karolina – and I’m a sucker for love.

It sounds cliché, but I love love. I love the anticipation of seeing the person you adore, the romantic getaways, the quiet moments by the fire, the intimate conversations, and personal connections – I love it all…what I don’t love is being lied to.

As a professional businesswoman, dating was almost impossible. Between my busy schedule and my professional obligations, meeting someone on my own was incredibly difficult. I attempted to use some of the more popular dating apps, only to be constantly catfished or lied to about the person I was connecting with. I would spend hours building relationships, connections, or interests with people who were lying about their identity – and it was exhausting. Finally, I hired a professional matchmaker to support me in my search – and my results dramatically improved. Why? Because the matchmaker had taken the time to fully vet the person I was meeting, and match me up with people who aligned with my goals, values, interests, and safety in mind. By adding a personal touch and adding a layer of sophistication to the process, my experience improved tremendously – which leads me to today.

I launched Lady Matchmaker to offer the convenience and variety of online dating apps with the safety, security, and tailored results of professional matchmaking service. Lady Matchmaker delivers the simplicity, accessibility, and affordability of an online dating site with the personalized search results and safety measures of matchmaking service.

Love is out there – and with Lady Matchmaker, my goal is to help you fall in love with love. Here’s to sunset walks, long talks, endless kisses, and memorable romance!

At Lady Matchmaker, we are steadfast in our mission to help our members make real connections with real people. Each member of Lady Matchmaker must submit a video application to confirm their identity, and upon confirmation, our team offers a variety of services to help our members find romance that aligns with their style, values, and personality. Lady Matchmakers is for members 21 and older, and boasts a global community of authentic, verified, and vetted individuals looking to make a real connection.

Real people. Real connections. Real love.

Tell us why the Lady Matchmaker dating app is unique.

Lady Matchmaker, the dating app that streamlines romance for busy professionals, is changing the narrative of online dating to better meet the needs of singles post-COVID. Replacing the exhausting, risky experience of swiping on tedious apps with an innovative process that is mature, selective, and pleasant, Lady Matchmaker is the thoughtful solution for professionals ready for real romance in a radically different world. While casting a wide social net to potentially reel in romance might have made sense pre-pandemic, in the post-COVID world, being mindful about who you spend time with is top-of-mind. Whether it’s for health concerns or the ongoing re-adjustment to socializing, the old way of finding love online doesn’t cut it anymore. The only way to date in the post-COVID world is to be selective, but you don’t have to figure out this process alone: Lady Matchmaker is just as convenient as traditional dating apps but prioritizes key elements of successful romance in the digital era: security, efficiency, and authenticity. Instead of endless swiping, never-ending DMs, and calculating who’s worth meeting, Lady Matchmaker features real in-app matchmakers to hand-pick potential pairings. 

How it Works

Here’s how to find stronger romantic connections with Lady Matchmaker:

• After downloading the app, upload three pictures of yourself and schedule a video call with a matchmaker of your choice.

• During your matchmaker call, answer a few quick questions to confirm your profile and validate your photos.

• Once your profile is approved, you can create a full profile and personalize it with more pictures and information.

• also, you can join some of Lady Matchmaker’s ten social groups where you can chat online with other group members through posts and comments. Groups are based on shared interests.

Take us behind the scenes of what makes Lady Matchmaker the best dating app.

For many dating app developers, the focus has been centered less on love and more on advertising revenue and data collection. There has been a revolving door of new dating apps that simply do not address the problems associated with online matchmaking, leaving users vulnerable, frustrated, and exhausted. Lady Matchmaker has flipped the script on online dating by focusing on developing intentional, mindful, and thoughtful connections rather than simply casting a wide social net based on lazy algorithms centered on ad revenue rather than love. Lady Matchmaker offers the convenience of traditional dating apps but focuses on several key elements necessary for successful relationships in the digital era: Security, efficiency, and authenticity. Rather than spending countless hours swiping, sifting through a stream of DMs to decide who is worth talking to, or worrying about potential catfishing, Lady Matchmaker features real in-app matchmakers who identify and handpick possible pairings. Lady Matchmaker is committed to providing the most robust identity verification process to offer their users only quality matches. All members must upload three pictures of themselves, schedule a quick video call with one of our matchmakers, and answer some profile confirmation questions during these calls before being approved for membership on site. Once approved, users can personalize their profile and start meeting potential partners.

LadyMatchmaker offers 2 memberships Kiss and Relationship.


Get ready to swipe, match, and chat with our Kiss Membership. Browse fully vetted individuals, connect with people who get your heart pumping, and chat it up for hours to spark a love connection. Matches will only be made if both members like each other. Kiss is the basic membership where users swipe left and right on other users’ photos, send direct messages, and video chat or voice call with matches from swiping. With Kiss, members can also join various social groups within the app to see posts, comments, or direct message people with similar interests.


With two types of memberships available to users, Lady Matchmaker provides a flexible, user-friendly way for busy professionals to find love without wasting time or experiencing unnecessary heartache. 


Jules Lavallee

Jules Lavallee is an International Journalist from Los Angeles, CA. For the past eight years, she has covered celebrities, global leaders, royalty, entrepreneurs for over 20+ magazines and countless cover stories. Staying true to roots in Boston, MA, Jules is a true humanitarian. She has supported many nonprofits in fundraising, strategic partnerships, and media. She has served on the Board of Big Brothers & Big Sisters and is currently on the Board of Fund Duel, gamified fundraising platform. She is an influential person in the areas of gender equality, diversity, and empowerment. She is a graduate of Harvard University.

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