Creating a Brand That Empowers: Meet Founder Shannon Slack

Timeless femininity made to empower: That’s Luna Selene, atelier of high-elegance shoes. Founder Shannon Slack spent over a decade hustling in the corporate world with one thing missing – shoes that could keep up with her level of drive and determination. Tired of seeing the heels get smaller while her dreams got bigger, Shannon handcrafted the perfect shoe she felt was missing. “Wouldn’t it been incredible to have a pair of heels that I can feel powerful in, while still looking sexy and sophisticated?”

Well into her career, Shannon experienced the collective shift from the pandemic. Still working a job, she started a side-hustle offering career consultation to women seeking career advancement and change. But she craved more – something that could expand globally and give women everywhere a mode of self-expression and a boost of confidence. The answer was a shoe company for women, named after the moon (Luna) goddess Selene to pay homage to her days moonlighting her creation.

At the intersection of perfection and purpose, Luna Selene elevates women through fashion. Booties and strappy sandals are just some of the styles Luna Selene designed for the modern woman (with a touch of 1950s-60s glamour). 

Staying true to their mission-driven mindset, Luna Selene has led fundraisers donating a percentage of shoe sales to organizations igniting change and empowering women re-entering the workforce by providing professional attire. 

Tell us about Luna Selene?
Luna Selene is an atelier of handcrafted footwear invoking the everyday elegance and timelessness of femininity. We offer classic, flirty heels approximately 3” and under to offer comfort and quality without sacrificing style.

It is the mission of Luna Selene to give help women feel powerful and sexy in all areas of their lives through the shoes they put on their feet. We believe fashion can elevate confidence and creativity and we strive to inspire this in every person who puts on a pair of Luna Selene shoes.

If you could use any four words to describe the design and creativity of the Luna Selene shoe, what would they be?
Classic, timeless, high-quality, elegant

When did you realize you wanted to design shoes?

It was an a-ha moment in the summer of 2020.
I always loved sketching shoes and clothing as a young girl but had pushed that love to the backburner as an adult.

It was a dream to design classic, women’s attire that realized itself on a hot, summer afternoon during the height of the pandemic. From that moment on, I have been working non-stop on building the brand of Luna Selene.

What has been your biggest struggle thus far in your career? What has been your biggest reward?

My biggest struggle has been getting people to understand the importance of quality footwear. Our society has gotten so used to buying “fast fashion”, that they are conditioned to see nothing but price tag when making a purchase.

At Luna Selene, our shoes are made by hand, in small batch production. Not only does this process reduce waste, but it helps to keep the trade of shoe-making alive. This is something that is very important to our brand.

You are on your way to New York Fashion Week, what do you hope to gain from this amazing experience?

I hope to fully immerse myself in the moment, and soak in the experience. I am so new that I sometimes feel the weight of imposter syndrome, which I want to move through so that I can enjoy this incredible experience. My goal is to learn as much as I can and meet the incredibly talented people who will be there. I also want to bring more awareness to Luna Selene- I want to bring it to the world.

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles?

First off, I ADORE this name. Women do not need to “sit still” to look pretty. To me, a pretty woman who hustles is a woman who brings beauty to those around her by going for her passion. She carries herself with grit and grace, and has a beautiful heart.

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