Former Pro Reggie Kelly CEO of KYVAN Foods: Shares Sauces, and Salsas for Holiday Parties

KYVAN Foods is a line of specialty products created by Former NFL Player Reggie Kelly. “I went from the gridiron to the cast iron. We have products that can cater to your breakfast, lunch and dinner needs. Products such as Honey Apple Salsa, Honey Apple Butter, Various Wing Sauces, Salad Dressing, Jambalaya Sauce and Seasonings. Our products are unique, full of flavor and made with LOVE. “One taste and you will appreciate the Goodness!”

What led you to launch KYVAN Foods?

We ‘took to heart’ our family’s advice when my wife Sheila and I held football camps in our hometown of Aberdeen. The football camps were designed to reward the kids who have excelled academically in the classroom. We invited fellow NFL stars & coaches to volunteer and make the events special for the kids. True to form, after the camps, our family cooked for the volunteers, and they raved about the flavor and goodness of the meals. Their responses were overwhelming and brought a smile to my face when they expressed their enjoyment of the meals and the difficulty of finding flavorful meals like these anywhere else. Those compliments started the ‘wheels to churn’ in our mind and a light bulb flashed, prompting my wife and I to ‘come up’ with a great idea… a Food Line!”

The holidays are around the corner, what can we find at KYVAN Foods for friends and family this holiday? 

The holidays are approaching and here at KYVAN Foods, our goal is to bring families back to the table, because that is where great conversations are held, and memories are made.  We feel that families that are enjoying our KYVAN products during the holidays will truly live by our motto…”One taste and you will Appreciate the Goodness!”


Chef Leen- Food Network’s Chopped Champion “While all Kyvan’s products I’ve tried are amazing my favorite is the honey apple salsa. It can be used for so many dishes to create huge flavor, a little bit sweet and spicy!”

“This is my one addiction I refuse to give up! Ymmmmmmmiicious! Eat it like applesauce. This stuff is awesome!”- Jennifer Willaimson-Facebook 

“I would say I am the hardest critics when it comes to salsa…I can promise you that KYVAN Salsa is the best I have ever had. Well done!!!”- Matt Schobel- Former Cincinnati Bengals, Philadelphia 

KYVAN © Nikki McKenzie Photography

Tell us about your delicious favorite recipes that are found on your site.

My two favorite recipes are Honey Apple Crisp using our KYVAN Honey Apple Butter and Salsa Burgers using our KYVAN Honey Apple Salsa. 

Check out the Salsa Recipes here:

Chef-Inspired recipes:

Twitter: @kyvan82 or

Instagram: @kyvan82  or

Facebook: Kyvan or

TikTok: @kyvanfoods


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