Meet Actor Aaryaman Kakar

Aaryaman Kakar is an Indian actor who has been seen in over 12 short films and has theater experience of over 6 years. His films include, KILL EM ALL Lead Brandon Mac BOY GIRL STEEL Lead Enmanuel Crespo SENSITIVE SENSES Lead Rudy Wilson THE WOLFSBANE CASE Supporting Mohammed Hammad PATH (RAASTA). He has tremendous talent and is fluent in languages such as: English, Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi.

What do you enjoy the most about acting?

There are quite a number of things I enjoy with the process of acting, from experiencing a whole different life personality of another person, to portraying those characters with challenges on screen or theatre adds on a level of thrill. The most important element is the area of positive energy vibrations which are transferred all along in the making of the process which makes you feel not just excited but grateful and proud to do this for a living.

Share your favorite genres.

My favorite genres to watch are thrillers and murder mysteries, they always add another layer of a blanket of suspense which keeps you on your seat and interested. Apart from that I’m also fond of dramas and comedies. I mean, there’s no one on earth who wouldn’t enjoy a comedy. Personally, I find working on a comedy genre a rather easier job, “I mean what can I say, I’m a born comedian hahaha. No, I’m just kidding there.” However, I feel drama is something which needs a lot more commitment and dedication from me.

Where have we seen your work? 

You can check out a couple of my short films on YouTube titled “Sensitive Senses” and “Going Up”, a social comedy about people with disabilities and the other is a thrilling drama about two people stuck in an elevator. 

Do you have a favorite role?

My favorite role is a reprisal of a scene I performed and edited in college from the famous Edward Norton film “Primal Fear.” I performed the scene without watching the original and it turned out the character looked pretty similar to the original character. I also edited the scene and felt I was really connected to the character and the whole journey of the split personality of Aaron and Roy’s character. It’s one of my most special characters.

What are you currently working on?

I am currently working on an audition for a feature film which has a story about 4 friends set in the 90’s in the Kashmir valley of India. It’s a very strong drama and I’m really excited to crack this audition and book this particular character. I am Manifesting it as I share this in the interview with you. Apart from this I had recently completed a short family drama titled “Para Siempre Mama” directed by Ms. Anna M. Buksowicz in Los Angeles and can’t wait to share it with the festival circuit.

Jules Lavallee

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