22 Women Making Pretty Moves in 2022: Meet Denise Brown

To be a woman who makes “Pretty” moves you must first understand the gift you hold within and next understand how to utilize it.

Denise Brown is an undeniably bold woman! A woman who is continuously increasing her skills in an effort to multiply her worth. Denise is a 3 times-certified body contouring specialist, spa owner, nationally certified phlebotomist, lab owner, graphic designer, educator/instructor, mentor, business credit consultant, and pre/post-op cosmetic surgery consultant. Her skills and vision, paired with her drive and tenacity make her undeniable. Denise Brown is the proud owner of King Khloe and Excelsior Testing.

Denise studied sociology with a concentration in Criminal Justice at the prestigious Claflin University where she received her Bachelor of Science Degree. She furthered her education and received her first Master’s Degree at South University in Professional Counseling. Her second Master’s Degree is in Healthcare Administration from Webster University. Along with her extensive educational background she has over a decade of experience in healthcare and customer service.

Denise is fascinated with learning new skills, evolving, and helping other female entrepreneurs by equipping them with knowledge, skills, and confidence!

Outside of entrepreneurship and business, Who is Denise Brown in five words?
Wife, Mother, Loyal, Hardworking, and Infectious.

What inspired your start in the beauty and contouring/ Graphic Design industry?
I was a new mother. After having my daughter, the weight came off quicker than anticipated. When I stopped breastfeeding when my daughter was six months, shortly thereafter, the weight returned with a vengeance.

I was the biggest I’ve ever been in my entire life. I no longer desired to go on dates with my husband (it was a weekly thing), get dressed, go out with friends, etc. I started doing research on it because I had been seeing a lot of it. I was in multiple mom groups, and I realized I wasn’t the only one struggling with my weight. Reading about postpartum, and depression to name a few, I realized that there was a need for not just a noninvasive way to combat weight problems but also to help women be confident and feel comfortable in the skin they’re in.

When a woman believes she is beautiful and she is confident, she can conquer the world! I not only wanted to help myself but I wanted to help other women regain their confidence back. There are a lot of women who were/are misinformed about the industry and I wanted to be a part of the change. Not only do I want to help them regain their confidence but I would like to also enlighten them and make them more knowledgeable so that they can not only reach their desired body transformation goals but they can maintain them as well. Equipping them with the tools needed to be the unapologetically, bold, fierce women they were born to be.

Now with graphics, this started as a hobby. Yes! A hobby! A little backstory. When I found out I was pregnant, my husband and I were elated! I was still working my 9-5 and I was working from home. As time went by my job became more stressful, and my blood pressure spiked (hadn’t had an issue with my blood pressure for about 2 years prior to my pregnancy). I then was labeled high risk. With this being my first pregnancy, my husband didn’t want any complications so he suggested I quit my job. blank stare I have been working since I was 15, and I have always been overly independent. My thoughts and emotions were all over the place, however, I did not want a complicated pregnancy if I could help it. I quit my 9-5 when I was about 4/5 months. I have never been the type to sit still and do absolutely nothing. So I was strolling Instagram and I saw a post about graphic training. I decided to take it so I purchased the recommended laptop, etc. The course was a beginner’s course, and no prior experience was needed. I took the course and it got me started with the basics. There was an intermediate and advanced course that was offered but by the time I was ready for the courses the young lady vanished! She closed all of her social media accounts, I tried sending her an email and the email was returned. Something detrimental must’ve happened because she was very responsive and assisted me prior to class and after. I panicked! After a 5-minute meltdown, I gathered myself and I went over her course again and I started researching more. The more practice I got the better I became! I am a “self-taught” designer! I did not invest info another class until 2020 and hired a graphics coach! 85% of what she trained me on, I already knew. I was so proud! I didn’t let that obstacle stop me! I kept moving forward. Once I got the hang of everything, this went from a hobby to an actual business. Designing is therapeutic for me and I thoroughly enjoy designing. I design for both women and men, however, being an entrepreneur I realized there was a heavy need for proper branding. I then refocused on helping entrepreneurs properly build their brands by providing them with quality graphics and content. It’s an amazing feeling to see something I designed on apparel, billboards, vehicles, marketing materials, etc. Wherever that brand goes, a piece of me goes with it and that’s beyond satisfying.

You have been in business for several years, what has been your greatest lesson?
My greatest lesson was not getting a mentor sooner than I did! One of the best decisions I made was to get a mentor! Sabrina Lee is the best mentor there is!

Tell us about your company King Khloe Graphics.
King Khloe, the brand strategist. At King Khloe Graphics your vision meets reality. I’m fully equipped and proficient in graphic design. My creativity is magnified when I have a blank canvas and free range to create magic!

Can you share your 2022 journey with us? Where do I begin?
In 2022 I became 3x’s certified as a body contouring specialist, I became a master trainer/educator, I made the most in retail that I have ever made, I became a certified phlebotomist, I opened my own lab, and I enrolled to become a phlebotomy instructor.

How did your business excel, what major moves are you proud of?
My business excelled by becoming a phlebotomist and opening up my own lab. That added another stream of income. Not only is that another stream of income, but it is also a business that is recession-proof!

What is next for you in 2023?
In 2023 I will be offering more courses for body contouring, enrolling students in phlebotomy, and helping them set up their own labs. I will also hire staff to assist with executing these goals.

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles? A woman who is undeniably bold, unapologetically fierce, confident, and headstrong. One who is continuously increasing her skills, and has a voracious appetite for crushing her goals daily.

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