Meet Gloria Ward of The I’m Loving Me Project

Meet Gloria Ward of The I’m Loving Me Project

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Gloria Ward is an Entrepreneur, Revenue Strategist, Author and New-Thought Leader who has devoted her life to helping women and women business owners around the world discover their own uniqueness and start and build their business. Considered to be the next international leader in self-love, self-transformation and business performance, Gloria has become obsessed with helping women truly understand their worth and value and is the author of the bestselling book Becoming Truly You. Her platforms The I’m Loving Me Project and Girls L.E.A.P. have coached and mentored women from every walk of life. Members enjoy her confidence, humor and down-to-earth approach that has made her the most sought-out female entrepreneur and self-love coach of her era.

Who is Gloria Ward in four words?

Your Best Girlfriend Ever.

Tell us about The “I’m loving me Project”? 

The I’m Loving Me Project and Girls L.E.A.P. to be a place for women to come and feel like they belong and also have the tools they need to conquer any chaos life may bring. Friendship and an ear to listen is important and since the Pandemic, many people have felt alone. 

How did Girls L.E.A.P. come about?

Girls L.E.A.P. started out as just a place for women business owners to network and since has transformed into a place where career and businesswomen can Learn. Earn. Advance. And Profit in their career or business through events, business deals, and networking.

What inspired your book “Becoming Truly You”?

Honestly, my journey. Leaving New York at 17, going to college, getting married and then divorced. What I thought life was supposed to be and how it turned out taught me many lessons on the importance of knowing who you are and loving yourself.

What message do you hope women take away from your book? 

In order for you to truly become that person you’re dying inside to be, you have to make a commitment to choose her first and love her unapologetically.

What can women expect when attending one of your workshops/seminars?

Besides the fun, real life tools and action steps they can take to achieve their goals. Did I mention fun?

What advice do you have for young entrepreneurs looking to get their start?

Work to be a better you every day. Work on your mind and body. Do what’s necessary to stay healthy and choose to be around people that will lift you up and not tear you down. If you can do that, everything else will fall into place.

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles?

One who has swag, knows her stuff, and gets the bag all at the same time. 

Connect with Gloria’s Online: and

@workwithgloriaward on Instagram and @imlovingmeproject on Instagram and Facebook.


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