A Woman Owned Button Company That Pays Homage To Hip Hop Culture

Pin & Proper is a Black woman owned company that specializes in wearable lapel pins, greeting cards, and other small gifts. The owner and creator of Pin & Proper, Brandi Silver,  describes it as her “homage to hip hop and pop culture”. Although her company is making waves and has been widely featured across major platforms like Pop Sugar, Buzzfeed, & Target’s Lab X Black History Month Virtual Showcase, Brandi never meant for it to be a business. It was initially a creative outlet that helped her through the grieving process of losing her father. It has since seen her through some of the darkest moments of her life.

Brandi believes that her background in fashion design and her obsession over all of the details has helped to make her business a success. Everything from the product and packaging design, quality, brand cohesiveness to the proper shipping materials matter a great deal to her. Her attention to detail and little things like handwritten thank you notes to her customers differentiates her from competitors and has created a loyal customer base. You don’t need a lot of followers or a major website in order to have a successful business. Pin & Proper is proof that if you create not only amazing products but an overall experience with your customers in mind, you can’t go wrong.


Brianna Laren

Writer. Filmmaker. Mom. I write love letters to Black girls & women in the form of books. www.BriannaLaren.com IG & TikTok @BriannaLaren

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