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2021 Business to Watch – Agni NY

Agni NY was created out of an inspiration to share her personal and professional experiences with others. Both experiences have taught her the importance of managing stress and how stress can have a negative impact on health if not controlled. Founder Thureiyya believes stress reduction can be beneficial […]

2021 Business to Watch – BCA Culture

BCA Culture is an online membership software program guiding entrepreneurs to build true business credit, without using an owner’s personal credit, and get funded. Darbi may seem like an overnight success but over the past 10 years, she has had many years of experience in the financial services […]

2021 Business to Watch – SmilesShield

SmilesShield™ is a modern customized face shield company that allows your smile to shine with made-to-order customization with the categories of name customization, bedazzle, luxury, pageant beauties, pre-made, children, and sports collections. In the short 5 months being in business we’ve had over $50k in sales, over 20, […]