Meet Author Renee Brown

Renee was born and raised in South Haven Michigan, a beautiful beach town along Lake Michigan.  She met and married her husband Garry in Malibu Lake California, where they raised their two children.  Renee always had a passion for the arts, which included painting and avidly playing the piano. Through God, Renee turned her artistic passion into purpose through opening successful art studios in both California and Texas. Renee also is a seasoned professional artist who paints angels and animals as she perceives them in Heaven.  Her artwork has touched many of all ages, and some of her pieces have been dedicated and gifted to notable figures, including Bishop T.D. Jakes.

As a genuinely passionate artist, and advocate for women’s choice for treatment, Renee is looking to solidify her stance in the world by showing everyone that your faith can be stronger than medicinal options. Purpose-driven art, medical treatment awareness, and faith during adversarial times shine through as Renee’s life purpose, and she wants to bring you along for the ride. This is a testimonial that relates to her journey…..all you have to do is “just believe”.

First things first, how did we develop an interest in writing? When did you realize you had a story that the world needed to hear?

My interest in writing only came after having this unbelievable event in my life, and to my family’s life.  Once it resolved itself by the grace of God, I knew the story needed to be told. I felt that by writing the story, it might help other women going through the same or similar experience. I knew no one could write about this life experience but me so I began taking notes of the sequence of events that took place. My dearest friend and minister, Jacquala Shropshire, read my notes and urged me to write a book so that my story would be heard. So, with much faith and God’s undeniable love, I got up every morning at 4:00 AM and like another miracle, eventually it developed into my story, my book that I wrote entirely myself.

What was the writing process like, did you come up with your title first and build around it or did the manuscript come first?

I decided in the early morning hours, after much prayer, that “600 Angels” would be the cover of my book. After much thought, my publisher, Dr. Angela Banks and I, decided to change it to “How 600 Angels changed my life”.

What is the message behind your title?

The message behind the title of my book “How 600 Angels Saved My Life”, is that after what happened to me, I believe there are Angels all around us, helping us, protecting us. Heaven is real!

Can you share 3 takeaways you would like women to takeaway from your book?

I hope that after reading my book, women feel that they are not alone, they should know their choices for their bodies, and that having faith is just as important as having good health.

At any moment during your writing process did you experience writers block, what tips do you have for overcoming it?

I didn’t really have the typical definition of writer’s block, but what did happen was that I would have these lengthy pauses in my writing process because so many times it was extremely hard to relive the experiences that happened to me.

Take me through the first moment you held your book in your hands, what did that feel like for you?

I felt a bit faint, excited and very proud that I had finally accomplished what God had set before me. I felt very blessed.

What would you say was the most challenging part of your writing process?

The most challenging part of my writing process was the gut- wrenching truthfulness of what happened to me.  To write this painful, personal journey, opening up my life, was immensely difficult to relive.

What key tips do you have for marketing your book and getting it out to the masses? First and foremost my faith in God, and believing in myself.  And hiring EPI Media was the very best decision.  They have been very instrumental in building my early success and promoting my book in every way!

What audience is your book written for?

I believe that my story can touch any woman at any age that needs help and encouragement for the many challenges that life brings.  Remember, Just Believe!

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