Juniper Jillian Joy’s Story of Transformation: From Blues to Bliss

Juniper Jillian Joy, formerly known as Tammie Shannon, is a Renaissance woman of the twenty-first century. Joy is
most known for having two successful careers, one as a soulful Nashville Recording Blues Artist Singer/Songwriter
while, also managing her own business, Shannon Success Strategies, as a life coach and financial strategist creating niche strategies for her high net worth clients focusing on tax-free retirement solutions as well as teaching business leaders how to use intentions targeted at the inner child experience to build and grow their businesses and most recently, a book author.

Juniper Jillian Joy discusses her transition from blues artist to life coach to author. In this interview, Joy discusses how she overcame trauma as a child, how her passion for songwriting inspired her to tell stories, and the message of her book. Find out the three lessons Joy hopes women will learn from her book and how she overcame writer’s block. Prepare to be moved by Joy’s inspiring story of self-discovery and transformation as she guides others to heal their inner child and find inner joy, love, and peace.

How did you develop an interest in writing? 

My experience and love of songwriting for myself and others transferred to storytelling in book form. The First Story of Intentions: The Introduction to the Inner Child is providing the opportunity for me to produce an awesome audio expansion of the book as I created a unique tone for each character’s voice through my voice.

When did you realize you had a story that the world needed to know and hear?

It was when I expressed and released my feelings of trauma through my album, “All of Me,” and it was nominated for Blues Album of the Year and Blues Artist of the Year in 2018 by L A Music Critics. That’s when I knew people wanted to hear what I had to say and I decided, since the world is listening, I was going to make it count by sharing what I’ve learned because it’s too amazing to keep to myself!

What was the writing process like? Did you come up with your title first and build around it or did you do the manuscript first?

My story was consistent throughout the book writing. I started out with titles and chapter outlines but tweaks, fine tuning for clarity of strategies and messages enhanced the characters and their messages which were ultimately changing and evolving until the time of publication.

As my awareness and appreciation deepened, the implications for the breadth and depth of my story were revealed. This book, as is my life, is a “360 Live ” story of peace, love and joy. It is a very intimate connection with God, His love and intentions for each of us.

It offers the readers the exciting opportunity to become a part of the book as it progresses to the culmination of the story.  These participatory and experiential pieces unfolded beautifully for a heart-felt ending…or beginning! You have the chance to decide.

What is the message behind your title?

The connection to your inner child is absolutely necessary for emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health.  This connection with your inner child is where joy comes from within each of us because the inner child is the part of God within us.

The First Story of Intentions: The Introduction to the Inner Child is just the beginning of Juniper Jillian Joy’s open, intimate and vulnerable channeling of God’s messages for hope, faith and belief for peace of mind, love in heart and joy in all areas of life.

Can you share three takeaways you would like women to take away from your book?

The First Story of Intentions: The Introduction to the Inner Child is an unfolding story of the past, the present and the future. 

It addresses emotional and physical health, anxiety, empowerment, energy-balance of male and female energy, self-regulation, co-regulation and communication of the inner child connection all of which are a part of the following current issues for women, men, families and children. 

This book addresses not only the issues but introduces the reader to strategies to transform circumstances and conditions the reader uncovers in their own situation(s). It includes the stories and voices of each and every one of us at some point in our life.

Strategies for healing, guidelines for clear decision making, discernment and prevention check-check and tap-tap system is developed through vivid, sensitive and heart felt story telling. I have experienced everything I write about.

The numbers are clear about primary issues affecting both women and men, often women being a bit more prone are shocking. Anxiety, depression, bipolar and PTSD mental health issues are the top 4 depending on the researcher. Factors impacting our youth are depression, drug, alcohol and sexual activity as forms of self-medication, obesity, dealing with bullying and social media. Families struggle with denial and secrecy, poor communication, a closed system (family members are afraid to speak up or seek help from outside sources), rigid rules, role reversal-parentification, unrealistic expectations, failure to respect boundaries, conditional love or love withdrawal, lack of boundaries between parent and children just to mention a few.

The First Story of Intentions: The Introduction to the Inner Child addresses these challenges so that you can overcome them.

At any moment during your writing process did you experience writer’s block? What tips do you have for overcoming it?

Yes, there were many times when I needed to step back, allow myself time to process what I was feeling and then move forward all in divine time. One of the delights about the type of writing I do, sharing intimately, openly and vulnerably, includes consistent unfolding of new awareness that requires my recalibration to expand and enhance myself and explore my whole unified self. Discernment takes place to determine what is meant only for me or what goes into the book.

The story of 3-year-old Sara and 5-year-old Cindy represents all of us. The First Story of Intentions emphasizes the significance and the power of intention and how everyone can use intentions to change any circumstance as a roadmap of experiences and my visionary, empath, spiritual warrior gifts that project me and anyone that desires change in their life.

So, I surrendered to God’s will. I released the pressures and stresses of deadlines, some self-determined and other’s external controls. I took necessary self-care and self-love steps during the seemingly “down time.” During the writing process, I integrated the needs of my inner child, created games to actively fire all three parts of my brain, left brain, right brain and amygdala that were fun. Everything I do is intended to bring peace, love and joy into my life and the lives of others by incorporating activities that nurtured that heart, mind, body and soul of every reader.

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