Popular Nutritional Trends To Ditch In 2023

Superfoods and supplements are the obvious go-to solution when you want to supercharge your body’s health. After all, when you want to go faster in your car, you press on the gas! 2022 was a year filled with social media contests between influencers showing off their elaborate exercise routines, cups full of supplements they can swallow in one gulp and expensive gadgets. All of that is impressive, and I hope it inspires many to pursue their health, but I want to remind everyone that healing can be simple and fast.

If you are taking more supplements, trying new superfoods and aren’t sure what the big deal is, you are not alone!

If you have been struggling with your health, or just feel like you are getting older, piling more stuff on top of your body might not get you anywhere!

If your body can’t use what you give it, you won’t see the benefits. In fact, adding more can create more stress on your body if it isn’t ready.  All those nutrients, vitamins and minerals have to travel through your blood and be detoxed by a body that is already fighting to survive!

Wellness Minimalism is a trend I want to see take off in this new year! One of the single most powerful actions you can take is to reduce what you are consuming. You are not locked in a contest with those around you to show off how many bottles of pills, or bags of supplements you can stuff onto your cupboard shelves.

The process we want to trigger is our body’s Autophagy. All of the dying cells, leftover bacteria, microscopic parasites, viral proteins and heavy metals our body is trying to clean out can be blocked by the overabundance we experience in the modern world! All these things are a constant source of internal stress on our body, and if we don’t give it a break, it piles up until it starts to cost your long term health.

When you minimize what you are consuming and give your body a chance to do some Spring Cleaning, that is when the magic starts to happen! There is a lot of talk about Diets, Detoxing and Cleansing, and many people have had bad experiences with them, but there is real work your body does to optimize itself when you prepare it ahead of time.  If you don’t take these critical steps to prepare, you can experience an increase in symptoms and discomfort. I recommend getting tests from a functional practitioner, like I do with my clients, to understand what minerals you have in your blood, and what your body is actually able to use with an HTMA test. Testing shows you the vitamins and minerals your body has access to, and what it can actually use. Then you know for sure, what you are wasting by over supplementing, and what you might be overlooking in your daily routines.

You need to know what your body is asking for, and as a child we listen to our body and know inherently what to eat to satisfy it.  Over the years we grow numb to those signals and start feeding parasites and unhealthy cravings instead. Cutting off the supply to these negative forces triggers their survival response and can make you seriously sick. When you ease into this process, your body has time to wake up and reconnect you to healthy signals.

If you practice Wellness Minimalism, not only do you make your life simpler, but your body is more prepared to enter this cleansing cycle and detox quickly.  Even between meals and while you sleep overnight, your body can be clearing out what it does not need. This reduces your internal stress and makes all the external stress we encounter during the day a whole lot easier to deal with.

You’ll notice your mood improving, other people are easier to deal with, and life just starts to flow again as you reconnect with a truly healthy body.

Article courtsey of Olesya Wilson

Mind Over Body LLC, 6635 N Baltimore Ave, Suite 266, Portland, OR 97203

Olesya is a Certified Nutritionist, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Psychosomatics and Master Coach accredited by the European Coach Federation. Her unique approach integrates cutting-edge lab testing, the latest discoveries in biological science, ancient herbal medicine, and revolutionary psychosomatic and energy healing practices to help people reconnect to their body, reverse aging, and forget about chronic health problems. Her signature offering is the Limitless Body Program, where she works with you to design a lifestyle to take your body to the next level, full of energy, passion and success.

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