Author Chris K is Celebrating her 1st Anniversary as an App Creator

Today, we would like to introduce you to entrepreneur and creative Chris Kinlaw. After she became an Author a few years back. Chris saw the need to create a tool that is more in-depth about the importance of Wealth Building and Homeownership. She has created a Never done before Wealth Building and Homeownership app all in one. During her speaking engagements she emphasizes how many programs teach you how to gain wealth but few teach you how to maintain it. That’s why she believes it’s so important to gain as much knowledge and get tools to help you learn. 

Most programs show consumers how to choose a home (based on an individual budget) but how many teach the process? Also featured in Chris’s “I Got the Keys” app is the anxiety and spending triggers tracker.  These are real issues people are experiencing going through the process. That’s why it’s best to acknowledge them. 

We had the amazing opportunity of sitting down with the ground breaking app builder to discuss the inspiration behind this incredible project and to discuss how she plans to celebrate her 1 year App Anniversary.

How did you get your start with creating an App, how did this idea come about?  

 I wanted a way to better connect with consumers. Being in the financial industry and a Real-Estate professional strategically, I have managed a successful exit, for many small businesses. By doing so, it has opened many avenues for me. Such as becoming an Author and Business Consultant. My vision was to create something convenient and useful for my customers. Creating this App allows me to deliver great experiences to a more diverse audience.

Growing up, creating an APP seemed like merely an idea of our imagination. Can you share a little about your beginning stages of going from idea to creation?  
I love educating, helping & seeing others WIN. Growing up, every job I had consisted of helping others from toddlers to elderly. The idea for me creating an app stemmed from me wanting more. I desired to increase my impact, grow my business locally and abroad. I’m also a tech geek too lol. Definitely, there are a lot of components and testing that has to be done to create an app before the general public sees it on App Stores. 

Most importantly, as much as I like to help others. I can’t be in two places at one time.
 Everyone uses some type of electronic device, phone, tablet etc. 

While on the go, at home, at work, or on vacation. The App allows me to interact with consumers from the comfort of their homes or business. The opportunity presented itself and I took heed. This was a project God saw fit for me to accomplish.

Tell us about the benefits of wealth building and ownership, and why this app is so crucial in today’s times? 

This app was created to help people get their finances in order so they can pursue a life of independence and the financial freedom they deserve. Homeownership is not for everyone but neither is starting a business. However, with hard work, dedication, and good financial decisions along with the “I Got the Keys” some might be able to achieve both . This is a helpful tool to jumpstart their journey. 

You are celebrating one year with your amazing creation, can you share a little of the highs and lows of business for you?  

Once the App launched, it was a very exciting moment. Shortly after, I had to put in the work with marketing, networking and connecting with people who needed this type of service. Being on larger scale platforms was a major experience. I want to keep the momentum going. Which takes a great deal of hard work and dedication. I have more people that rely on my services now more than ever. As I shift everything around me shifts. Working late nights and early mornings has become my new normal. Through this journey, I had to learn how to balance my personal and business lifestyle. Being an app creator, entrepreneur, and family oriented are a few of the many hats I wear. it was a total lifestyle change for me. 

 Determination can either break you or make you. Therefore, you may lose a few people that don’t have the same vision as you or for you! The learning curves have gotten real but I’m very grateful for my supportive family. My small village. Believe it or not, although being an adult we still need the support of our village. 

What can your supporters expect in the next 2-3 years of business for you?

#Growth “I Got the Keys” is now distributed in 175 countries and regions on the App Store, alone. Google Play is also expanding to other regions.

 I’m currently working on building a driven marketing team. I’m also the founder of “Affluent Links” a women’s support group with over 5k amazing women. We are a diverse community who supports entrepreneurs and leadership. Aspiring entrepreneurs, we do welcome you!

I’ve also tapped into the beauty industry. I practice what I’m preaching. I’m using my own tools to provide generational wealth. Which all my subscribers have access to on the app. Once new subscribers download the “I Got the Keys” app they will find a list of lucrative “work from anywhere” side hustle businesses. 
The app can be downloaded for free. There are paid subscriptions if subscribers want the full experience.

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles? 
I define her as a woman who doesn’t allow her emotions to get the best of her. No matter what room she walks in, her energy shifts the atmosphere. Her current circumstance DOES NOT dictate her future. She is very optimistic and sticks to the plan even if those who she planned it with…has given up.  I am her! I’m fueled by my commitment to excellence. I am the definition of a “Pretty Woman who hustles”!

You can find “I Got the Keys” on the Apple App Store & Google Play Store:

The official Chris K:


Empowering Women’s Group for Entrepreneurs :

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