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Isaiah 61:3 “To bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair.”

Meet Jenae, a 35-year-old wife from Richmond, Virginia, whose testimony is the epitome of that beloved bible verse of the comfort in God’s promises. Jenae’s story of triumph will inspire those of all backgrounds who are determined to accomplish the dreams and purpose set in their hearts. Entrepreneurship was instilled in Jenae at an early age by her parents who encouraged her to pursue her passions and always do it “her” way. She has always had an infatuation for fashion from an early age and is no stranger to high-fashion luxury. Runway ready is a reputation that proceeds her since she could dress herself. In 2013, Jenae established I.Dentity, a company specializing in custom accessories such as sunglasses, jewelry, t-shirts, centerpieces and gifts for all occasions. I.Dentity was a success for her not only as starting her business to monetize what comes naturally but also helping others with the setting up of their businesses. Inspiring and motivating others has always been an adoration for Jenae. Unfortunately, personal tragedy would soon change her world drastically forever where walking by faith would be the only option. In October 2017, her youngest brother was murdered just days after his birthday. While grieving and consoling her mother during that loss, her mother unexpectedly passed away from a heart attack in July 2018, a month prior to her birthday. During the lockdown of the Covid 19 pandemic, her oldest brother was discovered deceased, happening at a time where congregating was considered high risk and not allowed. The passing of her immediate family within a 5-year span placed her in the deepest state of depression where every day was a fight for mental and emotional survival. As the sole survivor of her family, the feelings of helplessness and alienation consistently lingered in her reality. With only the daily support of her loving husband, she remained in solitude inconsolable. At this time, her faith in God and his promises were the only things she could depend upon to maintain her sanity as the perspective outlook of her life changed forever. However, her passion for fashion and style stayed strong and she channeled her pain into creating a product that would allow her to mainstream her unique style. She decided to take her dreams to another level as her mother had always encouraged her to do with her newest endeavor, J. Delor. Handbags have always been the main accessory to every great look as well as a statement of individuality and luxury. As she brainstormed how to differentiate her brand from all the others, she would often reflect upon the affirmations that she had written to encourage herself and remind her of the strength, beauty and abundance that resided within her. Equipping each style of handbag with unique affirmations to personify your inner goddess, motivate your personal manifestations and just to uplift your spirits no matter where your state of mind. These affirmations, like a best friend in your purse, serve as Jenae’s personal reminder that you deserve exceptionally high-quality couture while pursuing your dreams. Luxury and opulence should not be only for the affluent but for everyone. The creation of J.Delor is designed to reinforce the conqueror in the purchaser and honor the memory of her late mother.

The name J. Delor is derived from the first initial of Jenae’s first name and the middle name she shares with her beloved mother, Adrienne Delores. With discipline and authenticity, the brand will embody the values embedded by her mother’s teachings. As the founder of J.Delor, Jenae has a vision to provide affordable opulence with one of a kind statement pieces to all those who partake in the joys of being fashion forward. The vision of J. Delor includes being displayed in major retailers such as Saks, Nordstroms, Neiman Marcus, Macys and other international markets. A dream fulfilling goal for J. Delor is to be featured in the wardrobes of big screen projects such as Tyler Perry’s “Sistas” and “The Oval”, “All the Queen’s Men” and creators such as 50 cent, Oprah, Issa Rae and Katori Hall to name a few. J. Delor plans to make history as the greatest avant-garde of black female owned luxury handbag brands under Jenae’s pioneering leadership. With a personal mantra of “When you look and feel good, you do good”, Jenae plans to take the fashion world by storm with one handbag and affirmation at a time. Inspiring those of all ages, cultural backgrounds and gender identities that no matter what has happened in your life, another day is another chance to continue your journey to accomplish success. The only thing that can stop you is the limitations you place on yourself. Jenae is proof that when God places greatness in your heart, He will also provide you the strength to slay the giants and obstacles that stand in your way. As a 9-5 employee, wife, notary, event planner, and designer, muti-taking is an understatement but determination and tenacity have been her keys to success. Words of wisdom from Jenae: “When the opportunity arises, will you be prepared to answer its call?”. Armed with the style and affirmations of J. Delor, we trust you will welcome it in for cocktails and conversation.

Interview Questions

How has becoming a business owner shaped you as a person? Becoming a business owner has afforded me more confidence in my abilities, accomplishments, and resiliency. My brand is presenting me with the opportunity to display my creativeness along with the purpose of encouraging all those who suffer unseen. I want to be the voice of inspiration for all those going through things feelings unheard. After years of consistent trauma, redirecting the narrative of my story into a positive testimony of how God allows things to happen to strengthen your faith is a message proudly displayed through J.Delor.

What do you love most about your industry? Besides creating timeless accessories that make you feel and look good when wearing it, I love innovating, expressive and individualized fashion can be. I also love how inclusive the industry has become to other black handbag designers paving the way for upcoming designers like me.

Have you ever thought of producing products that symbolize your loved ones? Yes of course! I have few ideas in mind but you will have to follow my journey to keep up with the new endeavors J.Delor has in store.

You can access her social media and website by using this link linktr.ee/JenaeDelor

Direct Catalog Website Link www.jdelor.com/collections/all

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