Day: July 21, 2023

Pretty Cover Stories

Saving Lives While Educating Others: Meet CEO Shafreta Kelly

Shafreta Kelly is the founder and owner of Helping Heartbeats, LLC. She is a National Registered Paramedic, an American Heart Association Instructor, and a Medical Assisting Instructor. With over 15 years of experience in healthcare, she provides CPR, AED, and First Aid training to anyone who has the willingness to learn.¬†With every opportunity given, she […]

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Pretty Foodie

Island Flavors That Add Sunshine to Your Diet

Is there anything better than exploring new tastes and flavors? Whether you’re a foodie or not, exploring new culinary experiences is always an exciting adventure. There’s no better way than adding some island flavors. From zesty and tangy to aromatic and zingy, Caribbean spices have always helped create an array of flavors perfect for elevating […]

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Health and Wellness

Benefits of creating a massage routine for entrepreneurs

Getting a massage will add an extra layer to your self-care regimen. As entrepreneurs, we are always either thinking or moving so scheduling and getting a massage will allow you to decompress as well as take a moment to just breathe. During the downtime, while receiving a massage, the relaxation can help facilitate solutions to […]

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