Meet Sharron Matthews: CEO of luxury black-owned candle company and skincare line

Meet Sharron Matthews, a 40-year-old native of Cleveland, Ohio, and the CEO of Blessed Body Works, a luxury black-owned candle company and skincare line. From an early age, Sharron knew that achieving her vision would require faith, hard work, and dedication beyond what she could imagine.

Despite facing financial constraints, being on FMLA, and needing a mental break from corporate America, Sharron embarked on her entrepreneurial journey right in her basement. In August 2016, she founded Blessed Body Works, focusing on creating the best formulas using organic ingredients to cater to different skin types and ensure a safe and pleasant environment.

Passionate about mental health and self-care, Sharron uses her candles and skincare products to promote well-being and encourage others to prioritize their mental and emotional needs. Her products serve as a reminder of the importance of taking time for oneself and finding solace in simple pleasures. 

Sharron’s impact extends beyond her household, which includes her loving husband and two beautiful daughters. In 2017, she committed to uplifting others to the next level by organizing an annual business networking event called “Candles, Cupcakes, and Connections.” This event has provided a platform for over 150 entrepreneurs in her local city to showcase their talents and connect with like-minded individuals.

In addition to empowering fellow entrepreneurs, Sharron actively gives back to her community. She organizes donation drives, filling up U-Hauls with hygiene essentials and clothing to support women and children in need.

Through her philanthropic endeavors, she exemplifies the values of compassion and generosity.

Candles have played a transformative role in Sharron’s life, bringing her the happiness and rejuvenation she needed to overcome past hardships and embrace her current accomplishments. As she continues to grow Blessed Body Works and inspire others through her story, Sharron remains steadfast in her mission to spread love, light, and self-care to all who encounter her products and her passion for making a difference.

We had the fantastic opportunity of speaking with Sharron, discussing self-care and how Blessed Body Works encourages their customers to set time out for themselves intentionally.

How did Blessed Body Works come about?
BBW started right in the basement of my home….I’ll never forget it. Being out of work on FMLA at the time, I just needed a mental break. I tried to find things to occupy my mind, body, and soul. Candles were my favorite. Due to financial constraints, they were the first in the budget to go. I decided that my mental health meant more to me than anything. I started BBW right there with little to no money and a vision from God.

If you could use five words to describe your line what would it be and why?

  • Tranquility– our candles take you to a very calm space.
  • Unwind– our candles are part of the unwinding process light that candle grab a glass of wine and that’s heaven.
  • Rejuvenate– a calm mind and mind allows you to reset, recharge and restore entirely.
  • Luxury– the sleek design, the modern colors and the top tier wax and scents.
  • Self- care – our brand is the epitome of self-care, from candles to the body care products they are all tailored to create a relaxing experience.

You have put together the ultimate summer self-care kit. Can you tell us a little about it and what exactly is included?
I’m from the north. When the sun is out, so are our bodies, lol. The ultimate summer kit would include Bawdy and Foot Scrubs, Bawdy butter, and a travel-size sample pack of candles to take on the go.

What does self-care look like for Sharron Matthews?
A deep breath and a long exhale. Some good wine, a bubble bath, and a fantastic candle.

How do you intentionally set a time out for yourself amid your busy schedule?
I date myself once a week. Every Tuesday, I take myself somewhere alone. No kids, husband, friends, or phone (DND). I have it saved in my calendar so that I don’t book anything that isn’t relaxing. My massages are scheduled on Tuesdays. I promised to take a vacation once a quarter this year, and I’ve been very successful.

Can you share the benefits of having a self-care routine as an entrepreneur?
It reduces stress levels, improves clarity and creativity, boosts productivity, improves mental health, and, most importantly, gives you time with Yourself. If you don’t want to or have time to spend with you, how will others?

What can women expect when shopping for Blessed Body Works?
A luxurious customer service experience, Quality products, and education around the products they purchase for longevity and safety.

What is next for your company? What can we expect within the next 2-3 years?
My vision is for BBW to be a household name. We are known for quality candles and body care products. I want to be the go-to for wedding favors, bridal shower favors, and birthday party favors.

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles?
She is A beautiful woman, determined to succeed and help others succeed around her.

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